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ISED in collaboration with partners have conducted a Round Table at America House Kyiv on June 08, 2017

Institute of Social and Economic Development (ISED) in collaboration with International Cultural-Educational Association (ICEA, USA), International Educational Consultancy Company (Vistas Canada Edu, Canada), Ukrainian-American Association of Higher Education Workers (UAACE) have conducted a round table at America House Kyiv on June 08, 2017:

“Ukrainian Education Transformation in the Global Context: Iniсiative “from the bottom “.


We would like to send special thanks to Alina Komisar, Maryana Hulevych, Anna Zevako, Oleksandr Shlieienkov (America House Kyiv) for their assistance and high level of professionalism.


Participants of Bukovel Academic Spring School (BASS 2017) “Workshop of Post-Industrial Learning” and round table at America House Kyiv who represented professionals from education and business from Ukraine, Northern America and Europe as a result of learning based on innovation models, exchange of ideas, discussions and debates, have agreed regarding this manifesto:


“The world is changing to postindustrial economy where market and social value is based upon unique ideas, high level researches, creative self-expression, democratic cooperation and lifelong learning. From this perspective and taking into account geopolitics and social economic processes, Ukraine is about to take a decision, which will influence it’s future and quality of development.

We believe that the mission of education is to change cultural values and institutional values. In order to cope with threat of lag, Ukrainian education cannot continue to work with a traditional approach. Consequently, Ukraine has to make a breakthrough and implement new innovations in world science and practice in the sphere of postindustrial learning by these fields:

– technical – which is based on using high technical forms of education and high digital competence

– collaboration – which is based on social constructed approach and open mind sharing between all participants of the learning process

– authentic – which is based on using problem solving approach and active researches for solving tasks, which are vital for students and other people

– globalized – which is based on cooperation with international partners, cross-cultural and multilingual knowledge

– democratized – which lowers hierarchical relationships, helps to develop self-expression, leadership, responsibility and critical thinking

We invite educational and student communities to join us with implementing model of postindustrial learning in Ukraine through own initiatives and international partnerships without waiting for directions and formalities.

We believe that atmosphere of tough social-economic challenges with combination of leadership, collaboration, dignity and talent is able to create strong impulse for new innovations needed for Ukraine’s entrance to the family of competitive, social stable countries, which are developing by using high technologies, democratic institutes and humanity values”.

(Manifesto written by Olena Mykhailenko)

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Written by Stanislav Dubykivskyi


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