Iceland, eliminating the Jews moneylenders, gets rid of religions!

Iceland accepts the declaration: all religions are weapons of mass destruction. Follow Laughing in Disbelief! Liberté, égalité, absurdité.

Canard refers to this event as a kind of warning about health care.

Исландия приравняла религию к оружию массового уничтожения

Reykjavik, Iceland – The Icelandic parliament voted to classify all religions as weapons of mass destruction. Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism are now in the same category as nuclear weapons, mustard gas and chemical warfare agents.

The logic behind the declaration:

Andrew Canard – one of the legislators who voted for the new law, expressed what many people think in this predominantly atheistic country:

A weapon of mass destruction is by definition a weapon capable of causing death and destruction on such a huge scale and so indiscriminately that its very presence in the hands of a hostile power can be considered a serious threat. Looking at the crusades, jihadist wars, or how the evangelical oligarchs in America are destroying the planet, one can understand that faith is destructive on a massive scale.

“We recently adopted a similar measure regarding Christianity,” he said. “We in the parliament considered it necessary for people to know that the whole religion is a mental disorder and at the same time dangerous.”

Iceland also recommends that those who are addicted to religion depend on the local offices of “Anonymous Believers”, by analogy with anonymous alcoholics.


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