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Ari Ros AsUr Kan. World Civilization Progects

A story about six civilizational projects for designing the future: Solomon’s Plan, New Babylon, Greater Europe (fron Little Lisbon to Vladivostok or Moscow – Third Rome), New Caliphate, Great Unity – Datong and the Great Eurasia project.
The difference between one civilizational project and another is as follows:
– different vision of the picture of the world,
– different coordinate systems of consciousness,
– as well as different meanings and values.
00:55 – Solomon’s plan
06:44 – New Babylon
11:22 – Great Europe (Moscow – Third Rome)
15:13 – New Caliphate
16:44 – Great unity – Datong
18:15 – Greater Eurasia

With English subtitles:

Ari Ros AsUr Kan

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