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Northern Rus’ – Scandinavia

Northern Rus’ – Scandinavia. About how the Russians (Rusyns, dews, Russians) of Northern Rus’ became Scandinavians, and Galician (Chervona) Rus’ became Ukrainians. The tragedy of the Russians of Galicia in the first concentration camps in Europe in 1914-1918 – Terezin and Talerhof.
00:50 – Northern Rus’ – Scandinavia
01:03 – One from Asgard
03:15 – the cities of Northern Rus’ Odin – Odinburg (Edinburgh, Scotia) and Vodin (modern St. Petersburg)
03:40 – Asgard of Svitjord (Old Uppsala) on the coast of Ros-lagen
04:18 – Asgard Sogdian
04:45 – “Slavic Kingdom” by Mavro Orbini (1601)
08:30 – Slavic toponymy of Scandinavia
09:33 – Old Norse writing and language (mola)
11:40 – Deplorable speech for King Charles XI of Sweden in Russian
16:17 – Letter from Ivan the Terrible to King Gustav 1 of Sweden
17:48 – Skansen, sundress and kokoshnik, hut on chicken legs
19:15 – Norwegian leadership in NATO since 1949. Nazis in NATO
20:05 – The tragedy of Galician (Chervona) Rus’. The first European concentration camps for the Rus – Terezin and Talerhof
22:40 – The first primer of the Russian language in the Ruses kingdom was published in 1547 in Lvov in the printing house of Ivan Fedorov
24:15 – Constructors of the Ukrainian myth – Freemasons Hrushevsky, Petlyura, Skoropadsky and agent of the Vatican and the USA – Lubomyr Huzar
25:15 – Results

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