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About us

Institute of Social and Economic Development is an international non-governmental organization established by a group of scientists and enthusiasts from different countries, as public research, educational institution. The main objective of the Institute is, the promotion of education and finding innovative solutions to problems of a harmonious world development, building civil society, global security, prosperity and freedom.


The conversion of information and knowledge is an important strategic resource, penetration into all spheres of human activity information and communication technologies, the development of the information economy, the acceleration of technological progress, the development of the services sector, improving the quality of life are the main features of the modern information society, as a new round of development of civilization.

Formation of the information society has made urgent the problem of choosing the direction of socio-economic development of countries, ways to ensure the safety of man, society and the state as a single organism in the information space. The right choice of the state and directions of development of a conceptual approach to national security policy affects the lives of not only the citizens of a particular country, but also in the development of civilization in general.

New technology creates an entirely new way of information culture of the society, creates an unprecedented opportunity for the development of intellectual and creative abilities, realization of human potential and to meet the spiritual needs. The information sphere is an integral part of all spheres of society. Information outlook changes the picture of the world, scientific and methodological paradigm by expanding interdisciplinary research base and find innovative approaches to the solution are not pre-existing problems and challenges.


Institute challenges the traditional thinking and support of innovation through interdisciplinary, made in collaboration research in the field of socio-economic development, environmental protection and health, international relations, national security, technology, social ecology and psychology, law, education and science, religion and culture.

Main tasks of the Institute are:

– Development and implementation of scientific and educational programs in a safe and harmonious development of society;
– Research and strategic analysis of the problems related to individual countries, regions and international social and economic development;

– Promotion of legal civil society in Ukraine by introducing recovery in social life norm of customary law, participation in social dialogue between public and authorities;

– The direction of national and world political leaders by the scientific advice, publications, briefings and conferences;
– Multilateral cooperation with like-minded international partners and the search for joint projects.

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