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In the middle of summer, after watching some “documentaries” about the Second World War, and for us, the Patriotic War, I was offended and decided to make my own series about events that few people tell you about. Some historians are shy, others are afraid, and most simply don’t understand what I’ll talk about, and a Russian citizen must know this if he is a citizen, not a vegetable. However, by September 1, I did not manage to make all the planned series, and today it’s ready for now 6, and I plan to make at least 8. But, nevertheless, I will slowly begin to issue them. Since I write the text first, and then make the film, I give the text “from the author” in case someone does not parse my text (although I tried).


 Narrator text:

By the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II, a lot of documentary films had accumulated on the Internet about it, although, of course, there is even more printed garbage in this bookstore.

But all these films, and all this rubbish, are not intended for the Russian person, to be exact – not for a citizen of Russia, – not for someone who wants to leave their children a state worthy of life for Russia.

Well look. Accidentally stumbled on the channel National Geographic on a French series produced by Apocalypse. The Second World War ”and the very first minutes seen, puzzled me with the question – for whom was this film made? No, of course, since it has been translated into Russian, it is intended to create a certain way of thinking for a young citizen of Russia, but has the series been shot for whom?

So let’s start the history of World War II for a Russian person with this question, and with the example of this French series.

The first two minutes of the first series are just newsreels and a couple of introductory phrases, and finally, in the third minute you are offered the most important horror of World War II, in which, according to various sources, from 50 to 80 million people died.

I, 2nd minute
About the American bombing – this is for the Americans, but the statement that the main horror of the war is rape women, and specifically German women, made me angry? Therefore, I will also start about this.
Germany is Europe, who said that it was necessary to rape European women? After all, European women are accustomed to lay down on their own under the winners.And by the way, why is the film started with German tears? Indeed, five years before the Red Army entered Berlin, the German army turned France into cancer. How, in France, were there rape cases of French women by the Germans? The French manufacturers of the series about this for some reason are silent and, probably, for good reason.

Indeed, when in 1940, French men surrendered to the Germans, refusing to defend the honor of their women, when the Germans entered Paris without a fight, then the French women really met the Germans with outstretched legs. In the Paris region alone, German soldiers served 31 brothels and five thousand individuals, and throughout France 100 thousand French patriots rushed to serve the invaders with their intimate places.

True, when the Americans and the British liberated France from the Germans in 1945, the courage of French men increased enormously and they shaved bald 20 thousand of those French women who cohabited with the Germans! The world must admire French patriotism! To give their women to the enemy, and then shave their baldness and brand them a shame – this is so European!

VI, 37-10

However, the Germans were aware of European traditions, and when they occupied France in surrender in 1940, condoms and petroleum jelly were obligatory issued to German soldiers. Therefore, whether the French were able to inflict losses on the German occupiers is not known.

But the naive British were hit hard when their troops landed in France in 1940 to help the French protect the French women from the threat of the German invasion. The French women awarded the British with such bouquets that the then British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, who commanded the 3rd Infantry Division, could not resist and wrote in his memoirs: “After several months in France, the percentage of sexually transmitted diseases made me worried. In order to somehow stop the unpleasant process, I resorted to the help of doctors and even priests, but all my efforts were in vain, and the number of cases increased. ”

In the Soviet Union, the situation was different. When all this lousy European army invaded our Motherland on June 22, 1941, Soviet women turned out to be defenseless against this syphilis-tripper horde. Like those women who, through stupidity, joyfully met this European horde, so did those whom the horde mercilessly raped. And when, after the defeat of the Germans near Stalingrad, the Red Army began to liberate the occupied territories of the USSR, now Soviet women began to infect the soldiers of the Red Army with sexually transmitted diseases. And the USSR State Defense Committee was forced to tackle this issue and allocate part of the extremely scarce rubber for the production of durable condoms, and the rubber industry of the USSR by the end of the war was already supplying the army not only with “item number 1” – a gas mask, but also “item number 2” – condoms.

However, even condoms helped German women very poorly, and the head of the Soviet government, Stalin, mercilessly fought against sexually transmitted diseases in the USSR. Although the Soviet troops were very necessary for the upcoming war with Japan, Stalin forbade the release of German winners – Red Army soldiers – who contracted venereal diseases until they cured gonorrhea and cured syphilis.

Sergeant of the Red Army F. Cheron, at the beginning of the war surrendered to the Germans, and so that after defeating Germany not to go to war with Japan, he fled to the Americans, well, he wrote memoirs in which he reports on the procedures established by the Soviet administration in that part German territory, which was occupied by Soviet troops. Moreover, he was competent in this matter, because at first he wanted to return to his homeland, but in order to avoid being sent to the war with Japan, he wanted to be infected by German gonorrhea. However, he was afraid of treatment and simply fled from the Soviet zone of occupation. So Charon testifies.

“I don’t remember exactly the month, it seems to me that it was already at the end of June,” the order was given: not to let anyone with a venereal disease home. This concerned primarily the military, both soldiers and officers.

… Gonorrhea was treated with injections of turpentine and morphine, mixed in a certain proportion. An injection was made into the gluteal muscle with a long needle with the expectation that the injected would reach the periosteum. This injection caused a temperature above 38 degrees, and if the temperature lasted at least two days, then she killed the gonococci. It was a hell of a treatment, very painful and often unsuccessful. The men were deprived of the leg into which they had been injected, and for two weeks they had to learn to walk with the help of crutches.

… One of these camps was not far from Riesa in the forest. In this camp, everything was mixed up. There were colonels, and junior officers, and soldiers, and Easterners, and prisoners of war. There was no analysis. ”

It is clear that starting a story about a world event that claimed the lives of tens of millions of people from this miserable episode of history – with the rape of Germans – is both stupid and stupid. But after all, these French, with permission, historians began their history precisely from this. So, do not blame me, I just added a couple of refinement strokes to their picture.

The main thing, of course, is different.

The film is completely lacking elementary logic. Here the authors report on the fate of European Jews.

I, 29-00

If we take the fate of Soviet prisoners, then it is logical. While the Germans were victorious, the Germans mercilessly destroyed captive Russians by executions and starvation. Here are the entries in the diary of the Chief of the General Staff of the Army Halder on November 14, 1941: “Molodechno: Russian typhoid prisoner of war camp. 20,000 people are doomed to death. In other camps located in the vicinity, although typhus is not there, a large number of prisoners die of hunger … However, any assistance measures are currently not possible. ” Note that the Germans took all the food warehouses of the western military districts of the USSR, took the entire crop of Belarus and Ukraine. And Soviet prisoners are required to die of hunger.

But as soon as the Germans were defeated at Stalingrad, the attitude towards Soviet prisoners changed dramatically. The Charon I just mentioned testifies:

“The prisoners’ nutrition has improved a lot since 1943. The defeats on the eastern front began to turn the German minds: just in case, it was better to deal with the “Untermensch”. In general, with the retreat of the Germans from the Soviet Union, the prisoner became better. … In 1943, they began to pay prisoners as well. ”

But with the Jews it turns out, was it the other way around? When the Germans won, the European Jews did not experience any violence, and when the Germans began to lose and the retribution for all their crimes became close, did the Germans suddenly begin to destroy the Jews? Where is the logic? What did the Germans – exterminate the Jews so that they did not get the USSR and America – or what?

But what is the logic, after all, strictly speaking, the authors of this film are completely impossible to consider as historians – they absolutely do not understand what they are talking about. Let’s say the authors of the series are French, and the hero of French history is Napoleon Bonaparte. Should the French at least know something about him? But here they are comparing two invasions of Russia.

II, 22-50

And, as you see, from their story it follows that in 1812 there was neither the Borodino battle nor the capture of Moscow by Napoleon, but the French came from the western borders of Russia to Berezina, and then the Russians defeated them. Well, what is required of such historians to require them to know something about the history of our Motherland, if they know little about the history of their homeland?

However, making a film about World War II, these Frenchmen could miss a lot, but they were obliged to disclose the causes of this war. Yes, they have it, but in this form.

I, 5-50

Do you understand the reasons for the war? Hitler decided to destroy all the Jews, well, along the way, to conquer the living space of the territory for the Germans to live, however, the authors of the series still do not know where these territories were.

And I will begin with the alleged reference of these French to Hitler’s program book Mine Kampf. This book is banned in Russia, and as you will now understand, it is banned because you did not know about the real plans of Hitler and then Europe. This is what Mine Kampf actually says about Hitler’s plans:

“We National Socialists consciously put an end to the entire German foreign policy of the pre-war era. We want to return to the point at which our old development was interrupted 600 years ago. We want to suspend the eternal German aspiration to the south and west of Europe and we are definitely pointing our finger towards the territories located in the east. We finally break with the colonial and trade policies of the pre-war era and consciously move on to the policy of conquering new lands in Europe.

When we talk about conquering new lands in Europe, we, of course, can mean first of all ONLY Russia and those border countries that are subordinate to it. ”

As you see, Hitler refused to conquer France – from moving to the west of Europe – and directly indicated that the goal of Nazi Germany was not Jews, and not an anschluss with Austria – it was ONLY the conquest of the USSR. And prohibiting the Mine Campf book in Russia, the colonial administration of Russia wants to hide this from the citizens of Russia.

As you see, these historians call Hitler’s hostile attitude towards the Jews the cause of World War II. But this is ridiculous, it’s just like a witness from a popular Soviet film (from Mimino).

But Russian citizens need to remember how Hitler and his associates saw this goal.

And now let’s deal with the question of their stupidity. The fact is that many historians constantly assure us that Hitler was stupid, lazy and an idiot in general, and the Germans only put up with him because they had an unconventional sexual attraction for Hitler (this is exactly what the Air Force films say). Such an assessment of Hitler offends our ancestors and the ancestors of Europeans. After all, it turns out that some fagot, led by an idiot, morally crushed Czechoslovakia, defeated the armies of Poland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Holland and France, Yugoslavia and Greece, drove the British to the islands for four years and reached the Caucasus and Volga. But then who were the peoples and governments of these countries defeated by the Germans?

And such an attitude towards Hitler should already be surprising, since Napoleon was also defeated by the united allies at the beginning of the 19th century, but no one considers Napoleon an idiot, no one considers pidarast and defeated under the leadership of Napoleon the French. After all, this did not humiliate Napoleon, but the victors of Napoleon and his army.

Now, historians have degenerated into such moronic claims about Hitler.

So, Hitler’s library consisted of 10 thousand volumes, and some of the historians and politicians pouring Hitler’s shit didn’t read what, but at least saw so many books?

Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933, he despised all these “economists”, relied on practitioners. And by 1937 already. German industrial production increased by 102%, that is, doubled, and national income doubled. Soon after coming to power, Hitler demanded that every German, or at least every worker, should have his own car – a Volkswagen, priced at 990 marks. And Germany in 1939 built capacities for the production of 1.5 million of these cars a year, but the outbreak of war prevented this production.

In 1938, at constant prices compared to 1932, the Germans began to buy food 17% more, clothes 25% more, household goods 50%, and 50% more wine, and five times more more! German car production doubled in five years, and their exports increased 8 times! Germany surpassed England and France in the production of pig iron and steel, in the world in aluminum production, and in third place in coal production. German monopolies pressed their competitors from other countries on world markets.

In terms of development, Germany was even ahead of present-day China, not to mention the CIS countries led by morons, capable of nothing but theft.

Hitler was an outstanding commander. Field Marshal Keitel, who had served Hitler the whole war before the execution, admitted that he could not understand Hitler’s intentions and requested three times to the front, offering Hitler to replace himself, as Keitel considered, with a more intelligent field marshal Manstein. But Manstein also recognized Hitler for his outstanding ability to analyze. “But, in addition to this, Hitler possessed great knowledge and amazing memory, as well as a creative imagination in the field of technology and all weapons problems,” wrote E. Manstein in his memoirs.

Field Marshal Keitel knew that he would be executed after the Nuremberg Tribunal, and he wrote more frankly that, thanks to his exceptional abilities for imagination and imagination, Hitler could imagine a battle or a military operation in his mind, scroll through thousands of options for their development, choose the best one, moreover, that his generals fell into hysteria, so they thought Hitler’s ideas, unusual, unexpected, paradoxical.

It was Hitler who Keitel gave the authorship of the plan of victory over France, moreover, Hitler implemented this plan against the protests of the generals of the German General Staff, Keitel Hitler pays tribute to the German troops “Not a step back!”, Which prevented the complete defeat of the Germans near Moscow in the winter of 1942, Keitel Hitler gives the authorship of the victory of the Germans near Kharkov in 1942.

And judge for yourself, could Germany have won such glorious victories if it had not been headed by a great commander?

Not only that. Hitler led a government of people of outstanding mental ability.

The historian from the USA, Stuart Kogan, wrote the book “The Kremlin Wolf”, and in it reports: “When the Americans defeated and captured everything that was left alive by the German leadership, they began to subject them to all kinds of analyzes and tests. In particular, they subjected the captive leadership of Germany to the test for determining the coefficient of mental development – “IQ” (Intelligence Quotent). Most normal people have a mental ratio of 90 to a hundred points. Fewer people have a ratio of 100 to 115 points. Very few people have a coefficient of 115 to 130 points, and in general almost no one has a coefficient of more than 130 points. More than 140 are single geniuses.

… The coefficient of mental development of Joachim Ribbentrop was 129 points. The coefficient of mental development of Hermann Goering – 138; Kaltenbrunner 113; Yalmara Mine 143; Arthur Zeiss Inquart 141; Karl Dönitz 138; Franz von Pappen 134; Eric Raeder 134; Hans Frank 130; Hans Fritsche 130; Baldur von Schirach 130; Wilhelm Keitel 129; Albert Speyer 128; Alfred Jodl 127; Konstantin von Neurath 125; Walter Funk 124; Franz Sauckel 118; Julius Streicher 106. It was the most mentally developed government of all time, ”writes Kogan, but he is very mistaken.

Yes, compared to the current rulers, this is so, for example, George W. Bush Junior had an IQ of 91, with such a coefficient of mental development they do not even accept New York bus drivers.

But then the question arises – why was Germany defeated by Hitler and such clever associates? Yes, how!

Nobody argues – bombing German cities from great heights is good, winning a battle at sea is wonderful! But according to the estimates of British historians, seven out of every eight German divisions were destroyed by the Red Army — our grandfathers and great-grandfathers. Why? How so! they were so smart!

Yes, because Hitler and his comrades-in-arms opposed the even greater total intelligence of the Bolsheviks, led by Stalin, and the whole of Europe and the traitors inside the USSR were opposed by Soviet people, who turned out to be more intelligent and more courageous than the Germans headed by the Europeans.

And this is what a Russian citizen should have been supposed to know and remember, because the task of modern historians is to ensure that all modern Russian citizens turn, in the words of the poet Taras Shevchenko, into “glorious great-grandfathers of the great great-grandchildren of filth.”

Written by Yu.I. MUKHIN


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