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(English) The present through the eyes of the layman. Part 3.

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Need to do something.

Need to do something!

We must … have a drink. “

(from the musical “Silva”)

Knowledgeable people say that in order to stand firmly on your feet you need to answer the questions – who are we, where are we from and where are we going.

In search of myself

Concentrating on the evaluation of others, it is immediately difficult to readjust. How to evaluate yourself? Where to begin? Let’s see what smart people say.

The phrase “We have the government we deserve” comes to mind. There is a deeper thought: “Our Creator communicates with us through life circumstances. His response to our requests is a change in the statistics of various cases occurring with us. ” To this you can add graffiti on the porches, and those who are very lucky can read their opinions about themselves on the hood of a personal car.

The picture is sad. Judging by our government, we are people with a painful feeling of impaired pride, who do not recognize authorities, and are prone to theft and deception. And judging by the ongoing series of “revolutions” in our country, we also do not draw conclusions from the messages of the Universe. The next election – and again, “a finger to the sky.”

To be honest, it should be noted that the Ukrainian people are inherently intelligent, hard-working and executive. The West also shows this to us, sucking out talented people from our country, and, where without it, inviting us to work on their plantations.

Where are we from?

We are from the USSR. At that time, Ukraine, as part of a large and strong country, was one of the largest and richest. Leader in agricultural production, owner of black soil and unique technologies in the field of rocket and aircraft manufacturing. Strong economy. A closed cycle of aircraft production from ore to production. Developed shipbuilding and the production of modern military equipment. Hardworking, cheerful and … gullible people.


The inscription on the Soviet poster: Humane attitude and mutual respect between people. Man to man – Friend, Comrade and brother!

Free medicine, free children’s clubs and sections, one of the best education systems in the world. Leadership – from ours – from hard workers. Good, generosity, justice, internationalism, love for one’s neighbor, mutual assistance were cultivated in society. Workers are heroes. Parasites – parasites It must be said that not everything was so smooth and soft. Equally trimmed, in the same clothes, with one sort of sausage. But still, the majority lived with faith in a brighter future and no one was worried about tomorrow. We were one Soviet people living in one multinational country and united, albeit an unrealizable, but common goal to build communism.

And then independence “fell” on us and smashed all our ideas about the modern world and its values “to dust”.

Where are we going?

Looking at what we have turned our flourishing Ukraine into, it’s hard to say where we are going. It seems that they were going right, towards a brighter future, clearly following the instructions of the leadership, and not only their own. And in fact, “We have that, what we have.”

Фантастическое «пророчество» о судьбе Украины воплощается в жизнь ...

In this situation, it does not matter at all whether the quality of our life is the result of someone’s insidious plan, or whether we ourselves made a mistake in choosing the direction. One thing is clear, we were definitely not going here.

Where did we go? Have we had a common goal all this time, uniting the nation in a single rush? “Or maybe there was no boy?”

No, we, of course, were walking. Not without the help of “experienced” comrades, we went to the dream of personal quick enrichment. We burst into the world of villas, yachts and other luxury. In a world where you don’t need to study and work, where someone else is cleaning up the trash.

We did not notice how changed, how everything around us changed. Good friends turned into a means of our easy money, evil friends turned into partners. The general budget has become a personal pocket for the “chosen ones”. “Golden youth” is not called smart, promising young people, but “majors”. The same problem with people who have “golden hands.” Nationality and sexual orientation suddenly also got their price. If you are “your own” – you, regardless of your abilities, have prospects, if not, go through a humiliating rite of passage or disappear. Entrepreneurship and arrogance are exalted in us, and intelligence, honesty and decency are regarded as flaws. With the help of free Western art, our men learned to fight women, and our women forgot about children. We ourselves have become an “electorate”, “consumers”, “customers”, “customers” and other “crap”. We are no longer human.


Everyone suffered. Those who could not adapt to the laws of the “free market” for various reasons, eke out a miserable existence and complain that there is not enough money. And who could – turned into small and large “animals” with a human face. The lack of control and impunity have turned some of them into monsters without conscience and honor, for which human life is a means to profit and nothing more. With the light hand of these “masters of life”, this “means” got a name – “Beggar.”

What to do?

What to do? To not give up! The situation, to put it mildly, is nasty, but this is not a reason to give up and let everything go by itself. It’s time to stop, the situation is good, soberly assess your situation, identify errors and, using the experience gained, move on. Through a rethinking of what is happening, start moving in the direction necessary for ALL of us.

Our mistakes are obvious. We were unable to organize and take control of the diverse groups of “princes” that have been in power since Soviet times. Spoiled by the “scoop”, we could not imagine that our leaders, using our trust and carelessness, shared and sold our common property no worse than Popandopulo in the beloved Soviet film “Wedding in the Malinowka”. Western “friends”, with the help of our “servants of the people”, began to actively participate in the destruction of industry and agriculture. They told us that it was so common in the whole “civilized” world and it would be good from this, but did not specify to whom.

The formed “left forces”, hiding behind the people, also joined in the struggle for a “budget pie”. They farther and farther away from the people, which paid.

We also allowed us to quarrel among themselves. Using modern technologies of manipulation and reflexive control, groups of “businessmen” dragged us along small national and other “corrals”. From the point of view of mobilizing “our” electorate, this is a good move, but from the point of view of the prospects for a single country, it is a huge harm.

With a high degree of probability, there were also mistakes, but the main one is that we TRUSTED.

We worked in the fields and factories, defended our home on all fronts, baked bread and raised children, and at that time maggots wound up inside Ukraine, who still eat its living flesh. Once a prosperous and vibrant country, these parasites turn into a product of the processing of their insatiable stomachs. The time will come, they will turn into flies and, “standing on the wing”, will move to a more comfortable place for themselves.


It’s time to really look at things and decide on plans for further action.

Our “leaders”, declaring themselves libertarian, actually abandon us. We are left alone with the impending global crisis.

Small and medium-sized businesses were on the verge of destruction. The villagers cannot sell their products and organize the sowing of a new crop with the proceeds. The opening of transport arteries, city markets, small shops selling goods of our farmers, as well as targeted lending at a small percentage, could save many Ukrainian households and industrial enterprises from ruin. To help people left without money, it is necessary to introduce state regulation of prices for essential goods. It will be necessary to feed the children with something.

But government agencies are silent. It seems that the authorities have conspired with the owners of supermarkets and purposefully destroy small domestic agricultural enterprises and make way for “big players”. The task is simple. To drive the population into “their” stores, get super profits and “dump quick.” Ukraine loomed the prospect of being left without food next winter. So here you are, 21st century!

Once such a booze has gone, cut the last cucumber.We were not chosen from such situations. If the state refuses us, having thrown it to big business and crime, we ourselves will get out.

First of all, we need to unite. Going through this difficult part of our lives alone will be very, very problematic. In the face of the impending threat of loss of sovereignty, it is worth forgetting our “family” differences and resentments. First, you need to organize and conduct a sowing season. You also need to remember our family and friends, especially the sick and infirm, and provide them with all possible assistance. In order not to fall into the scammers’ trap and not become victims of criminal elements, you need to unite with close and trusted people, organize support groups, develop emergency communication channels, communicate more often, and provide financial assistance to those in need.

Volunteers and businessmen can organize assistance to small agricultural producers in the sale of agricultural products in cities. If you sell office equipment and toys on the Internet, why can’t you sell potatoes and onions in the same way?

It’s time to learn to evaluate the information that we are “fed”. For an objective assessment of what is happening, it is necessary to use several sources, including those with alternative opinions. In addition to the TV, you must definitely look at the opinions of different experts with different points of view. This will help to avoid a one-sided perception of reality and manipulation by the main beneficiaries of the crisis.

It is clear that these measures will not fundamentally improve our lives. In the best case, they can only help hold out longer.

Fortunately, the crisis will someday end anyway. And now it’s worth thinking about what to do next. Undoubtedly, the positive aspects of the crisis are visible now.

Если вы не знаете, что делать со своей жизнью

Firstly, we became convinced of the inability of the “libertarian” leadership to “steer” the country, including at critical moments. There is no single control center. There is no adequate reaction to what is happening. No matter what happens, the craving for profit is stronger than common sense. The constitution, as a “girl of easy virtue,” mercilessly uses it from all sides and in all places, and its pimp “Vova-babe” (pr. Zelenski) chews up snot and “scratches” an empty scrotum. It’s probably time to learn the words of the red-faced (B. Yeltsin) “I’m tired. I’m leaving…”

Secondly, we, to our deep surprise, found that all our efforts, all our knowledge, skills and abilities were used to build the uncomplicated thieves of Kumov’s capitalism, which even has its own name – in eng. Crony capitalism. That is, all the world scientific circles, except us, have long known what we have built for ourselves. Joke! No, of course we felt it, but to introduce the term to describe the features of our reality … It’s cool!

Thirdly, we do not have normal rules for the election of people’s deputies. There are no strict criteria for the selection of servants of the people, and there is no evaluation of their work. We don’t know who is allowed into the “chicken coop” and we don’t understand at all how to get this “someone” and for what place.

Fourth, the state suffers from a lack of quality personnel in its structures. To understand, they are, but they do not have enough “wool” on the palms to go up the career steps. According to research, up to 500 VIP managers, up to 5,000 people – middle managers and 50,000 – lower managers are needed to normalize the work of the state apparatus. Such specialists in our country still remained, only nobody is engaged in their search.

Fifth, it is no secret to anyone that most law enforcement and justice bodies have long turned into closed joint-stock companies and it is easier to abolish them than to restructure them. Experience has shown that raising salaries for employees of these departments did not produce a positive effect. One fact shows the level of work of law enforcement. More than 1 billion UAH has been allocated for their maintenance, and the result of work in a corrupt “to the floor” state is already 15 thousand UAH confiscated. Applause!

Sixth, we see that we need to establish a normal relationship between the state and business at all levels. A business blinded by profit is sometimes carried away and crosses the boundaries of what is permitted. Without a doubt, the state is also to blame for this, which has yet to regain the confidence of the domestic private trader. But “free artists” will also need to decide. The state has obligations to people, business should also participate in this.

We also saw and felt the effectiveness of reforms in medicine and education carried out by “visiting people”. This area is not a service sector, but the health and culture of our people. The task of the state is to provide and maintain at the proper level the life of medical and scientific workers.

Of course, this is far from all. There are many areas requiring audit and serious study. These are issues related to domestic and foreign policy, the security system with its army, customs and special services, humanitarian issues, and much more.

But the most important thing is that we all need a new common goal, a new common path that can unite us into a single whole. Without a common goal, there is no unity. And without unity, our country will simply be torn into small parts.

Unfortunately, there is no time for buildup. That is, not at all. By the fall, a second, more serious wave of crisis is expected. Unemployment and lack of money will go for a walk around the country. Need to do something! But who will do it?


Listen. It became somehow suspiciously quiet. The leadership of the country has calmed down. On his part, no sane action has been taken. There is no reaction either to suggestions on how to rectify the situation, or to criticism. Personal billing is not considered. Silent “silencers” were of interest to other states and supranational structures. Even the opposition has subsided. Nothing is heard from our “neighbors” … Maybe they all know something? Or maybe a new president was born in police uniform?

My heart feels that we are on the eve of tremendous changes” (from the musical “Wedding in the Malinowka”).

To be continued …


Written by: Alexander Sukhinin, Director of Intelligence Center of ISED
Performed by ISED

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