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Postindustrial, information society is transforming all areas of human activity. Formation of a new information outlook and culture, requires new approaches to the education system in a whole. As a rule, many institutions of higher education for many years of work are conservative and hard to perceive all new development, although it is known that the education policy of the time may not always be effective in another. In fact the appearance of distance learning as a mehtod of stadying has expanded the geography of availability without changing the quality of education. Moreover, the structure of higher education in co-operation with legislators say it convenient rules, defending its own interests through the creation of the “right” people’s committees and academic accreditation boards. Accordingly, it turns powerful assist in the distribution of funding, obtaining grants and financial assistance for education.

Our Institute develops and promotes the development and implementation of new training programmes, using an interdisciplinary approach and a new vision of world development.

First of all, our focus is on the development of educational programmes in the areas of: social and economic development of states; national and global security, especially information and economics.

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