Apocalypse Technology: Versailles and the world government

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Оn the results of the war in American banks were concentrated more than 40% of the world gold reserves. Another 13 billion. Dollars assets invested abroad to provide financial US dominance in the world. England remained to be American banks of more than 8 billion pounds. The US dollar replaced the pound sterling from the position of the world’s dominant currency. The financial capital of the world is now getting to New York.

January 18, 1919 in a historic building of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the waterfront Ked’Orse opened the first meeting of the Versailles Peace Conference. On this date and place of the French Prime Minister Clemenceau insisted. That day at Versailles was once proclaimed the German Empire. Now here she was to disappear.

The conference brought together thousands of delegates from 27 countries. But the present case committed the “big four” of Britain, France, USA, Italy. More precisely, the big three (Italy had neither the status nor the power of the British and French influence on global processes). The main favorites of Americans feel – the main winners of the war and its main beneficiaries.

America after all entered the war, but that it was the owner of its main prize. America’s entry into the war in the winter of 1917 predetermined the defeat of Germany. In addition, all the years of the war, American banks sponsored by Britain, France and Russia (or rather, as follows: US debt is allowed in England, England – France, France – Russia). Not stay resentful and Germany tended to by the German parent banks Warburg and Schiff. Without these fat injections, without it the greedy fuel a war would likely died out by itself by the end of the first year, when several of her country on the verge of bankruptcy …

Before World War II, no one could challenge the British world supremacy. Military and commercial fleet “Mistress of the Seas” prevailed on all the oceans. Empire controlled sea straits and vast space on all five continents, including such powerful dominions as Australia and Canada. London had the unshakable status of the financial capital of the world, and the British pound sterling – the world’s dominant currency. British science and the political system is conquering the world with a unique propaganda machine created by another Puritan preachers, as well as with the help of intercontinental telegraph cable, which allows to control the global information space. Before the war, Britain was created global economy, money, news, ideology. In short, it has the exclusive status of world domination.

The war changed everything. According to the results of the war in American banks were concentrated more than 40% of the world gold reserves. Another 13 billion. Dollars assets invested abroad to provide financial US dominance in the world. England remained to be American banks of more than 8 billion pounds. The US dollar replaced the pound sterling from the position of the world’s dominant currency. The financial capital of the world is now getting to New York. This was a major victory for America. Not surprisingly, at the head of its delegation importantly stalked the leading bankers of Wall Street, all the color of activity advisors Wilson, composed of representatives of bankers Morgan house, “Kuhn, Loeb Co”, Warburg and other pillars of the Federal Reserve, the structure, which has provided financial support war and American dominance in the world.

Look at them.

Here banker J.. P. Morgan, with its countless retinue. The richest man in America, the all-powerful owner JP MorganCo. Even before the creation of the Federal Reserve System House of Morgan was a forerunner of the US central bank, to 1838. actually ran the US Treasury … By the end of the 19th century. Morgan, using trusts, actually owned railways USA West financed the construction of railways in Russia … He was one of the main financiers World War II and the US entry into the war initiators. Suspected (not without reason) that behind the facade of JPMorgan & Company operates House of Rothschild … It Morgan will belong to the idea of “Dawes Plan for Germany”, which in 1923 actually give this ravaged by war and the subsequent hyperinflation the country into a concession to the US financial capital.

Here banker Paul Warburg, co-owner of the Hamburg banking house “MM Warburg “, the creator of the Fed and its first chapter … In 1902, at the invitation of the banking house« Kuhn, LoebCo », Warburg arrived in New York, as a leading European specialist in the creation of central banks. A year later he became a United States citizen. At the same time Kayzer Vilgelm says banker reward for his services to the German fatherland. All subsequent years, Warburg is actively working on a project the Fed (the concept of which are leading bankers and politicians: Senator Aldrich, John D. Rockefeller, Bernard Baruch, Yakob Shiff, Edward Mandell House, banking houses «KuhnLoeb Co», «JP MorganCo» and others).

Completed in 1910, the project lays the foundation structure of the Federal Reserve System. In 1912, the next presidential elections in the United States Vudro Vilson wins for the presidential campaign of which are energetic representative of the banking house «KuhnLoeb With” Cleveland H. Dodge (controls at this time NationalCityBank New York) and Edward Mandell House (the mysterious “Colonel “House, people, under the watchful influence and control which Wilson was all his presidential career). December 23, 1913, Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act system, blessing thus, the birth of the world’s largest central bank, able to accumulate sufficient resources to finance World War II.

That’s successor Warburg as head of the Fed, the banker Albert Strauss (AlbertStrauss) from J & W Seligman, a graduate of the legendary City College of New York (CCNY), as most future neocons and “NY-intellectuals” who will form the next generation of color US politics and culture.

Here is the banker Bernard Baruch, the actual dictator of America all the years of the war, the head of the “Committee of Advisors on defense” and the US military industry Council. In addition to the Baruch in banking triumvirate who ruled America the last two years were Paul Warburg and Yudzhin Meyer. First, as vice-chairman of the Federal Reserve controlled the administration of the economic policy and financial system; second – as the head of the Military Financial Corporation – loan program and finance the war. Under the rule of Baruch were all military factories of America, all its military industry. Such power in America, the bankers did not know. Baruch later boasted that the war will last another year, he would have dressed up the entire population of US in the same uniform, differing only in the size of shoes. Chief Financial electoral Wilson Company, Baruch also lead to power and FD Roosevelt. When Truman led the American “Atomic Project” and will take a fundamental decision about the bombing of Hiroshima. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Here UolterLippman father of American propaganda (WalterLippmann).

The son of wealthy Jewish immigrants from Germany, shortly after graduating from Harvard, he is privechaya banker Bernard Baruch and “Colonel” House in the headquarters of President of Wilson. Such a meteoric career is due to the close relationship with Hugo Liepmann family «JPMorganChase».

The charge of the presidential administration Lippmann important thing: an urgent need to change the mood of the American public from the traditional isolationism toward making war. Lipmann attracted to the work of Edward Bernays (nephew of Sigmund Freud, the inventor PR), and a few months friends manage almost the impossible: using sophisticated propaganda and colorful depictions of fictional atrocities of the German Army in Belgium, to push public opinion in America “into the abyss of mass war hysteria.” One of the main authors (along with “Colonel” House “)” Fourteen Points “Wilson, the father of” neoliberalism “(ideology, defining the structure of the state as serving the power of the banks). The creator of the term “public opinion” (the second book of 1922.) And the “Cold War” (1947, the second book.).

Here’s another important figure and Wilson’s adviser – Felix Frankfurter, the right hand of the US Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, appointed by Wilson. Brandeis was the first openly professing Judaism Chief Justice of America. In 1939, the Frankfurter (appointed by Roosevelt) echoing Brandeis. Now, on behalf of Frankfurter, who was unable to attend the conference, he arrived in Paris to lobby for one of the most important issues of ending the war – Palestinian. Brandeis – the leader of the American Zionist leader (along with Chaim Weizmann) world Zionism. It was he who persuaded Wilson to press the British to adopt the “Balfour Declaration” November 2, 1917 Letter from Wilson to support the declaration of the text was decisive. Without the ability itself to participate in the Versailles Conference,

And here is the Edvard Haus (EdwardMandellHouse), the so-called “Colonel” House, Wilson’s unofficial secretary of state responsible for its foreign policy. All, not only domestic but also foreign contacts Wilson go mainly through this mysterious person that does not have any official position, and, at the same time, defining US foreign policy. House to a large extent contributed to Wilson’s rise to power and the entry of America into the war. In 1915, a little less than a year before the next presidential election, on behalf of the President, he signed a secret agreement with Britain and France, promising the US intervention in the war. Immediately after the re-election of Wilson (who gave the house and Co. with great difficulty), Wilson officially confirm the British and French agreement entered into by the House, and 7 December 1917. America, finally,

At the head of its lush suite serves the president Wilson. Southerner, Virginian, the son of a Presbyterian pastor, brought up in a strict Calvinist faith. Armchair scientist, historian, in fact, very little understanding of politics and international affairs, but at the same time burning fiercely idealistic, almost messianic spirit. In Versailles Wilson arrived, full of the importance of its mission, convinced that he was destined to become the creator of a new configuration of the world, led by the United States …

US President Vudro Vilson

Wilson believed, devoutly religious, Calvinist faith is, in fact, most Americans, that America is special, chosen by Providence to the country, the country, designed to become a “city on a hill” and bear the peoples of the world the light of the true faith and the true order.

Back in 1916, Wilson spoke to graduates at West Point:

“It is as if the Divine Providence continent remained untouched, waiting until there did not appear and will not create a peaceful state unselfish people who love the freedom and rights of the people above all else” …

. January 8, 1918, just a month after the United States entered the war, Wilson asked Congress with a message containing his famous “14 points” – the peaceful settlement of the program in Europe. These “14 points” (composed mainly House and Lippman) proclaimed the new principles of the American world. These principles should become an open diplomacy, freedom of navigation, universal disarmament, the elimination of trade barriers, as well as the right of peoples to self-determination (The latter refers, basically, the dismemberment of the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires, France’s return of Alsace-Lorraine and the establishment of an independent Poland with access to the sea).

America enters the war, not in order to restore the balance of power in Europe, but in order to “make the world safe for democracy.” Under this slogan unfolded Wilson’s program, and that was the essence of his claim. The war was waged to destroy the world of traditional empires, to announce a new hegemony, democratic empire.

The last (but – most important) point of Wilson’s program was the establishment of the League of Nations. Dreams Wilson drew him something like a political “peace churches”, a would end all wars.

All the messianic dreams of America, beginning with the notorious “city on the hill”, “predestination doctrine and destiny” and ending with “Monroe Doctrine” – all of these “symbols of faith” of US policy in which the most idealistic messianism is mixed with the frank idea of global power over the world , agreed on the idea that Wilson’s “peace churches”.

Already on the sidelines of the Versailles conference, Wilson will enthusiastically cite a treatise of general and later prime minister of South Africa, Jan HristianaSmetsa (JanChristiaanSmuts),-Holist philosopher and adherent of apartheid: “The world is ripe for the great steps forward ever made since the emergence of the state” “Europe must be eliminated, and the League of Nations to become the heir to its vast states” … In fact, these words could not be more clearly illustrated Wilson’s credo, and the meaning of his aspirations and his magnificent retinue.

Once, in the distant 1620 m handful Puritans on leaky boats fled to America from persecution official church and the King of England … Their pitiful settlement in New England became the embryo of the American state. Now, after three centuries of their heirs triumphantly returned to Europe. They come back not just as victors, but as a new world hegemony. America was intended to bring the messianic light of the peoples of the world, and in front of it, surrounded by the apostles of the true faith he marched her political prophet – Woodrow Wilson.

Messianic march of America overseas enthusiastic pipes of peace accompanied the American newspapers. “New York Tribune” wrote about the tea League of Nations that its statute contains ideas “almost as sublime as the New Testament idea.” Other newspapers broadcast unless a new Christ, then, in any case, the future «PaxAmericana», which blooms dawn over the world.

Sam Wilson almost seriously saw himself in the image of the new Jesus Christ, called to declare from the tribune of the peoples of the world peace conference a new good news: America is defeated, defeated American principles. Now America has the right whether to reject the plans of God and trust in the world? It should come at the head of the world with an olive branch in her hand … come forward to establish worldwide secure eternal peace … From now on, the United States should “follow along, letting his eyes to heaven and pointing out the true way nations of the earth” … “Pulse of the world beats in unison with it now “- so said Wilson at Versailles, referring to his astonished European audience, and felt myself pulse, stretched out his hand, freezing in a pathetic pose …

It is clear that the French and the English were drawn from such person’s speeches. Everything was clear, where Wilson was getting at. When Wilson once told his counterpart shocks that Jesus Christ failed only because he did not have “global organization”, Clemenceau’s eyes bulged and began frantically to trace their present. After irritated taunted, “Wilson sees himself as president of the world,” but “prophetic Jesus Xristos, behaves like Lloyd Dzhordzh” (ie, as a normal insatiable imperialist). Lloyd Dzhorzh himself was a similar opinion: “Wilson believed deeply in what he is – a missionary, called to save the poor European pagans” – recalled the British prime minister. Australian Prime Hughes also bluntly called Wilson «deusexmachina», yavivshemsya to point around the world how to live.

“In fact, Wilson’s ideas would have to materialize institutions equivalent to world government” true later wrote Genri Kissindzher in his book “Diplomacy”.

Wilson venture aptly nicknamed “The Monroe Doctrine to the whole world.” And that was the point. Back in 1823. In order to exclude the Spanish attempt to regain control of their American possessions, President Monroe adopted a doctrine, in the form of short-sounding as “America for Americans.” Since this is a purely American revelation was in the eyes of ordinary Americans confessional formula isolationism. But for the American elite doctrine has always been the formula expansionist ambitions. Under the auspices of the “Monroe Doctrine” US first turned to their satellite countries of the Americas, and now, walking across the ocean, President Wilson officially brought this American “Creed” in the epicenter of Europeans politicians …

Without batting an eye, in Article XV of the League of Nations, Wilson wrote: “Regional relations for Monroe Doctrine type is not in any way contrary to the principle of self-determination; on the contrary, they fully correspond to it. ” That could mean this casuistry is not what Americans are now aware of their full right to interfere in the affairs of the world?

It was enough ikatsya French and English, which was not up to the Wilson messianism no work and which were waiting at Versailles really important things: the division of the spoils.

as Wilson himself, seeing that his ideas have little success, once declared rested three of his accomplices, if they do not go to the specified path, the Americans will have to create armed forces that are sufficient for Europeans to Convinced of the need to follow US principles.

These speeches persuaded the French and the British more than appeal to Jesus Christ. Want-not want, but we had to reckon with the fact that America has become a superpower and that its economic power was undisputed.

Adding to this economic power an army of France and England, the fleet (with the complete disarmament of Germany), the world really got a powerful mechanism that can make it “safe for democracy.”

Wilson claims, backed by the financial strength and influence of his entourage were too powerful. But, as it turned out, Britain and France still possessed forces capable of torpedoing.

“14 points” Wilson’s program, in the end, with heavy losses, were adopted. “League of Nations” was created. But it is indeed possible to become a “world government” with its own army and the courts (as seen in the dreams of Wilson, Baruch, House & Co.) was able to shine a fiction. That, at that time it was quite predictable. The world has clearly not ripe for a “universal church world”

John MaynardKeyns, being at a conference delegate from Britain, rightly observed: “It would be foolish to believe that the truth will be enough in the world for such tales as the League of Nations or the principle of self-determination. They – a resourceful formula used to ensure a certain balance of power in favor. ” (The Economic Consequences of the Peace, p. 37-38).

Indeed, if the “League of Nations” was intended to pull the “Monroe Doctrine” for the whole world (which, this time failed to Mount Wilson and his accomplices), the principle of “the right of nations to self-determination” was used only for the destruction of Austria-Hungary and Ottoman empires. Neither the Germans of Silesia and Sudetlenda nor Slovaks, Hungarians and other minorities which are given at the mercy of Benes or Austrians who voted in a referendum for annexation to Germany, Wilson’s principle of no help, since in these cases is contrary to the interests of America, Britain and France .

At home, in America, Wilson was waiting for the final blow. The US Congress refuses to recognize US-based member of his “world church world.” Congressional Republicans undertaking to shift the center of power to some supranational structures seem too suspicious. Especially because the scandals exposing the activities of advisors Wilson followed one after the other …

Fi connection American Bankers around the world greatly unnerved the British at the beginning of the war. When in November 1914 Kuhn, Loeb and Schiff purchased newspaper TheNewYorkTimes, the British seriously alarmed, fearing the growth of pro-German sentiment in the US. And not without reason, given the public opinion of the country, which in 1915-16. It was set up, rather, anti-British and pro-German. Their fears were in vain: at the outset of the war all belonged to the bankers American newspapers took a fierce anti-German propaganda. But due some it was real. At that time, as Paul Warburg is the Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, his brothers, bankers are for the benefit of Germany: Fritz Warburg, laboring in the service of the state shipping company Hamburg-America (largest shareholder is itself Kaiser and all the same Kuhn, LoebCo), and Maks Varburg, leading the Secret Service of Germany. In the same in Germany, in Frankfurt-am-Main, two brothers-banker Yakova Shiffa, the third partner of Kuhn, LoebCo, Philip and Ludwig Schiff actively lend to Kaiser Wilhelm and his entourage.

The US Secret Service also sounded the alarm, pointing to the inadmissibility of the fact that the brother of Paul Warburg, a man in whose hands is the US financial system, led by the secret service of the enemy.

Later Investigation Committee of the US Congress call “the Commission Advisor on Defense”, led by Baruch “secret US government” controlling all military supplies and censorship, and dictating instructions obediently and then approved by the Congress.

December 2. 1918 Secret Service of the United States Navy to publish a report stating that after Paul Warburg in Russia were the amounts reported Lenin and Trotsky Germany. At the same time the State Department publishes its own report (dated November 30, 1918.), Which argues that the Bolshevik revolution in Russia was prepared and paid for a group of New York financiers, headed by Jacob Schiff. Indeed, there are numerous indications that after a visit to the US by Trotsky in 1917, his unlimited credit in the Petrograd branch of the bank owned by Schiff “Niabank” was opened. The fact that Yakob Shiff has invested more than 40 million. Dollars. (Almost a billion in today’s money) in the Bolshevik Revolution, confirmed by sources such as the Jewish Communal Register of New York City. All of this could not be in the highest degree not to irritate congressmen and plain America, still tuned too isolationist. It did not escape the attention of the world and the bankers active part in the Versailles Conference. The French diplomat Count Sharl De Saint-Oehler indignantly wrote that at least five points of the Versailles Treaty (solution of the problem of Palestine, German reparations, Silesia, the Saar, Danzig Corridor) were dictated by Schiff Wilson extensive telegram of America May 28, 1919 on behalf of the “Association of Free Nations Society” …

All these scandals, finally determined and the opinion of the Congress, which refuses to recognize the United States member of the “League of Nations”. Messiah Of Wilson failed. “World government” too. This blow Wilson did not survive. In the fall of 1919, followed by stroke, after which the president is almost completely paralyzed. Incapacity Wilson will be carefully hiding his family and entourage to the end of his presidential term (1921.). and death, followed by 3 February 1924 g

Running the country on behalf of Wilson 1919-21g. It will be the closest clique of his advisors (however, it always does). And in the presence and absence of Wilson at Versailles will be much more interesting. The winners proceeded to the partition of the postwar world.

The road to a new war

a number of important meetings were held in the margins of Versailles. So, Paul Warburg, representing the team of Wilson, had the pleasure to meet with his brother, Maksom Varburgom, who led the war years the secret service in Germany, and now represents the delegation of the defeated country. (Last peacefully lived in Germany until 1939, and before the outbreak of World War II, quietly moved to the US with all their capitals).

Lipmann House and met with Lord Rothschild, discussed the establishment of effective institutions influence of big money in politics. The outcome of these meetings was the establishment of “Council on Foreign Relations (CouncilonForeignRelations, CFR) in New York and the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London – two tightly connected with each other, the elite private clubs, which include leading politicians and representatives of the largest banking houses. (Some researchers argue that these institutions were only the official marker of the so-called “Round Table Groups» (theRoundTableGroup), formed by clans Morgan and Rothschild February 5, 1891 in London.

Although not all turned out, the main beneficiaries would triumph. The result of the war was clear: collapsed and disbanded four traditional empire … In the Russian, the German and the Ottoman Empire occurred “democratic revolution” … Germany has been completely disarmed, deprived of nearly 20 million of their fellow citizens, and many territories.

Poland was again reconstructed and created unprecedented even education: assembled from fragments of a fragmented Austria-Hungary “young democratic Czechoslovakia” (as they called it democratic newspaper).

This mark up on his knees Benes and Clemenceau “empire” of the Czechs ( “fool’s Austria-Hungary” as contemptuously called it the Poles), including driven into it by force of the Sudeten Germans, Slovaks, Hungarians, Poles, Ruthenians and the new Poland (with a torn away from the Germans of Upper Silesia, areas of East Prussia and the so-called “Polish corridor”, which gives it access to the sea), also including belt limitrophe States had firmly separated Germany from Russia and become its eternal escort, serving as a permanent threat to Germany from the East …

However, all this will be only a brief calm before a new storm. The wounds inflicted by Germany (primarily the tragic fate of the Sudeten Germans and the dispute over the “Polish Corridor” and Danzig) will be after just 20 years trigger a new world war.

In thirteen years of humiliation to power in Germany, Adolf Hitler would come, and to the authorities in the United States – FD Roosevelt, who would have become a reliable counterweight to the German dictator. The new president is brought to power by the same forces (and in many respects the same people), which stood for Wilson. Among them will be called, above all, our old friends, Bernie Baruch (who have been approached FDR during the stay of the Governor of the State of New York) and Felix Frankfurter (who himself “Colonel” House call “dark Cardinal Roosevelt,” that is, those whom he House was in Wilson’s), as well as a leading Zionist and a childhood friend of Roosevelt, Henry Morgenthau, the permanent US Treasury 11 of the 12 years of his presidency.

Around this core is the club for another whole clique of various advisors, consultants, “Director of the Fund” and so on, employed by the same than during the presidency of Wilson House were busy and to -. By etching of the world in a new devastating war. Among the latter is said to Garri Gopkinsa. This man with the characteristics of rogue raised Baruch from perfect dirt becomes virtually a member of the Roosevelt family, long dwelling in the White House, and in the rest of the time, as “informal diplomacy” shuttling between Washington, London and Moscow, establishing the world of communication “international traders “and helping foment languishing war in Europe in a world conflagration.

During the war, he would hold the post of head of the Committee on Military Products (analogue of the post, which he held Baruch during the first war.

In general, the similarities are striking Wilson and Roosevelt. It concerns both the romantic messianism, and a complete incapacity of both (the entire third term in office, Roosevelt, like a rag doll, will ride in a wheelchair). In that sense, Bush, President of the “fourth world” seems not so much odious as comical.


In the formation of the United Nations to Eberstadt days Baruch again try to push through a project full of “world government.” Under the control of Baruch would American atomic project (it will take a fundamental Baruch about the atomic bombing of Japan decision). Immediately after the war, Baruch put forward the idea of establishing the International Atomic Commission, oversees the spread of atomic bombs. Truman immediately appoint Baruch US representative at the UN, and in June 1946 he will present there its “Nuclear Plan”, providing for the establishment of the supreme supervising body, tracking the spread of the atomic bomb and the “International Court” (similar to the Nuremberg Tribunal), which would immediately punish disobedience “commission.” Truman immediately announce that the Baruch Plan approved by the White House and State Department. But the Soviet Union, of course,

The “world government” will again be too premature. But the defeat did not break the spirit of fighters for the “Safe world safe for democracy.” Baruch and Lippman will be engaged in active promotion of the trend of the cold war and the ideology of neo-liberalism throughout the free world. (The very slogan “cold war” is coined by Baruch and Lippman and put them in the same book, 1947). At the same time begins to actively form a sect of neoconservatives, which bankers’ tip can safely pass the levers of power in the country, he went away into the shadows (so as not to irritate too much Congress and the average American).

Meanwhile, with the help of the Marshall Plan (the new reissue of the Dawes Plan) and the creation of the ECSC (European Coal and Steel Community – a prototype of the future of the Common Market and the European Union) and the promotion of the ideology of neo-liberalism, the European states will apply to economic colony of the US financial capital.

“Cold War” will be delayed for a long 40 years. With the victory over the Soviet Union, the policy of creating a “new world order” and a single “world government” (ie, the transnational state with a single-worldly power) will come, finally, to the finish line. the beginning of the last phase of the conquest of the world will be classified “end of history” …

To be continued.

Written by Vladimir Mozhegov



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