Introducing MBA and DBA programmes of our partner CBU (Prague, Czech Republic)

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Dear friends! Here is an overview of educational programmes, from our partner in Prague – Central Bohemia University (Czech Republic). Primarily, this MBA and DBA programmes, as well as short-term advanced courses (analogous to mini-MBA).

ISED, as a CBU partner in Ukraine, begins to form a group.

Starting dates for the MBA program – mid-November!

For any questions please contact us at: info@isedworld.org. We will be glad to help you!

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

MBA (Master of Business Administration) – is a programme of postgraduate education, which gives international qualification “Master of Business Administration”. It entitles you to higher management positions in companies and organizations involved in various kinds of business in the marketplace. Participants in the MBA programme are usually the managers who want to move up the career ladder. MBA Education is a recognized degree with European educational standards. The student who has graduated from a course receives official MBA degree. This degree offers you the opportunity to get a better-paying job abroad.

Three specializations:

Executive MBA

Executive MBA programme is designed for managers with at least 3 years of practical experience in the business. The programme’s goal is to systematize the management experience, training development strategy, the development of management skills in crisis and economic uncertainty. After EMBA programme students receive a diploma and an international Executive MBA degree.

Short-term advanced courses (mini MBA)
In contrast to the MBA programmes, which have already a century-long history, any short-term courses are offered in our country only since 3-4 years ago. These programmes are truncated version of the programme and are modules of the thematic areas. Courses are part of whole accredited MBA degree, therefore there is option of completing MBA degree later for any alumni of these courses. Participants of these courses will receive a certificate of course completion.

DBA (Doctor of Business Administration)

A higher stage is the programme DBA, designed to obtain the highest degree of international and elite business education “Doctor of Business Administration.” The result of training on the DBA programme is the preparation of a research project (dissertation) based on many consultations with an experienced supervisor. The programme is designed for top management, having an MBA or PhD in the relevant specialty. Training is conducted on individual study plans with professional consultants (supervisors).



Initial requirements
Secondary school & 3 years of practise or BSc. degree equivalent Master degree and 5 years of managerial practice
Period of study
12 months 2-4 year
Dates of submission
             October / January / April

Intake November 2016

Anytime between September and May
6000 EUR (combined Russian / English)

CZK 90.000, – (combined Czech / English)

EUR 10.000
Type of study
Fulltime in 12+ weekends
  • 3 years Online interactive with 2-4* weeks fulltime in Prague
  • 4 years Online Interactive

* depending on number of hours per day

Executive MBA

MBA in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management

MBA in Real Estate Development

MBA in Diplomacy and International Relations (National security)

Business and Management

А flexible system of scholarships and benefits for MBA and DBA students
• For a one-time tuition payment – up to 5%.
• Corporate customers (at the conclusion of a strategic partnership agreement) – up to 20%. Depends on number of students.
All the participants of CBU study programmes and training courses longer than one month have the right to publish in journals published by the CBU, on favorable terms.

MBA programmes and lecture topics

List of Common Core Courses Required for All MBA Specializations:

  1. Research Methodology (Dissertation writing, Word and Excel)
  2. Accounting
  3. Marketing
  4. Human Resources
  5. Management
  6. Law Course

+  6 weekends of specialized courses for each MBA specialization (Executive MBA offers 7 extra weekends making 13 total)

Executive MBA

  1. Banking
  2. Corporate and Project Finance
  3. Financial Markets and Crises
  4. Financial Analysis
  5. Project Management
  6. Capsim Business Simulations (two weekends)

MBA in Hotel, Tourism and Event Management

  1. Outgoing Tourism Management (two weekends)
  2. MICE and Incoming Tourism Management
  3. Hospitality Tourism
  4. Sales, Support and Background Information for Tourism Sector (two weekends)

MBA in Real Estate Development

  1. Banking
  2. Project Finance
  3. Real Estates Appraisal
  4. Facility Management
  5. Construction and Architecture
  6. Project Management

MBA in Diplomacy and International Relations

  1. National Security
  2. Financial Crises
  3. European etiquette and protocol
  4. European union
  5. Mediation and negotiation
  6. Media and Public speaking

For any questions please contact us at: info@isedworld.org. We will be glad to help you!

Also, for information about training programs you can contact the CBU at: mba@cbuni.cz.

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