ISED: innovative technology of analysis of data flows

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In June, 2018 in the Institute, within the framework of the development of the “Expert System”, was successfully completed the R&D “Investigating the characteristics of the information space created by news streams of electronic media”.

The “Expert system” being developed is a set of information, mathematical methods and models, technical, software and technological tools designed to create from disparate input information flows – analytically processed, classified and refined information suitable for making managerial decisions.


  1. None of the information and analytical systems available does not analyze the quality of the source of information. Developers of the studied information and analytical systems solve the problems of determining the number of sources and the quality of information to the Customer, which significantly increases the influence of the human factor on the result. Our expert system makes such an assessment in an automatic mode and notifies the user about the advisability or the inappropriateness of using current material in the work (demonstration is possible).
  2. The approach to analysis used in our expert system is fundamentally different from existing ones. Basically, the analysis systems are limited only by the collection of statistical data. This approach does not take into account the degree of preparation of the Customer, which affects the results of analysis and forecast.
  3. In the analytical systems available on the market, the questions of forecasting and issuing recommendations are practically not realized. Our expert system solves such issues. This allows for medium- and long-term planning, taking into account changes in the external and internal environment.


We are looking for investors to finalize the “Expert system”, incl. its adaptation to English content.

Potential consumers:

  • Managers of systems (companies, organizations) – for making managerial decisions (in the absence of an information and analytical unit in their structure).
  • Analysts and experts – to prepare proposals and recommendations for making managerial decisions.
  • Advertising agencies.

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