Book by Stanislav Dubikovsky: The Fatal Choice of Humanity. In 3 languages!

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Dear friends!

I am pleased to announce that my first book was published. The book is written in the popular science style and published in three languages (Russian, English and German), because it is relevant in any country of the world.

The book is a hologram in which the waves of a cyclic universe, with the help of vague (mystical) and strict (scientific) thinking, the laws of the visible and invisible world, overflows and flows all the versatility of the Universe from ancient times to a heavenly future.

This makes it possible to see the real picture of the world order – holistically, completely and adequately. “Understanding trends is difficult to mislead” (Allen Dulles).

The main goal of the book is the awakening of human consciousness.

This is the book that you should definitely read!

About what is happening in the world. Where to move and what to navigate, tell the analytical work of the author. This book is real dead water, without the acceptance of which the miracle of revival will not happen.

Book editor and proofreader Sam Um Ray


Publishing house Fiery Lel, Kiev, edition and proofreader – Sam Um Ray, pages count – 200, color printing, white paper, hardcover, 43 figures and 3 tables, 213 sources.



Download e-book

Russian version on Ridero

cost – € 5.51

English and German version of the book in electronic Kindle format on Amazon:

cost – $ 9.99

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Written by: Stanislav Dubikovsky


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