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Opposite the bell tower of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra plan to build a high-rise residential complex. The journalists of the Scheme program searched for an appropriate project of potential development. It is about the territory of the former shoe factory “Kyiv”. This idea has already been agreed upon at the level of the departmental department of the capital`s administration. And this, despite the close proximity to the Laura, is the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Permission to build such a residential complex with a view of the bell tower is a benefit for those who own or enjoy the territory of the factory. And it turned out that this area is leased by the firm from the orbit of the supreme state leadership. A development project was developed on the request of a foundation created by people`s deputies from the presidential faction. More – in the investigation of the Scheme program, the joint project of Radio Liberty and the channel “UA: First”.

Over the past two years, battles have taken place in Kiev surrounding the adoption of detailed Territory Plans (DPTs) – documents that specify and detail the capital master plan. For example, what should be a microdistrict, where and how should buildings be, green plantations.

Conflicts arise mainly because often detailed plans do not correspond to the general, and give a chance to developers to turn the green zones provided by the general plan into the development area. Moreover, the DPT is mainly developed by the Department of Urban Development and Architecture of the Kyiv City State Administration, and private companies, which these works are ordered by the city, tells a public activist Volodymyr Tyshchenko.

“The dangerous detailed plans of the territory – this is because they do not take into account any social infrastructure. There are no schools or kindergartens. There simply developers are concerned about building more multi-storey buildings “, – activist believes.

Because of this situation, the Ministry of Culture is also concerned. They do not always get information about what is described in detail and how it will affect cultural heritage objects.

“A detailed plan of the territory should detail only what is in the master plan and in the historical and architectural building plan. Unfortunately, the city-planning documentation is being developed separately, separated from the memorial protection legislation. People who carry out activities in this area say that approval from the Ministry of Culture can not be demanded, because it contradicts the requirements of the current legislation “, – says Deputy Minister of Culture of Ukraine Tamara Mazur.

Buffer Zone

“Schemes” decided to check how dangerous this situation is. And to analyze one of the most representative detailed plans of Kiev that covers most of the protective zone of the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kyiv: St. Sophia Cathedral with the surrounding monastery buildings, the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra.

Межі буферної зони комплексу споруд собору Святої Софiї та ансамблю Києво-Печерської лаври – об`єктів всесвітньої спадщини ЮНЕСКО

The boundaries of the buffer zone of the complex of buildings of the Saint Sophia Cathedral and the ensemble of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra – UNESCO World Heritage sites

Is it not contrary to the detailed plan for the territory of the master plan and the requirements of UNESCO?

«Мистецький Арсенал» та Києво-Печерська лавра, Київ. Вид з висоти пташиного польоту

“Mystetskyi Arsenal” and Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, Kiev. View from the bird`s eye view

In order to receive it, journalists appealed to the sector for reviewing the objects of urban planning and architecture of the Kyiv city state administration. This is the project of a detailed plan of the territory closest to the territory of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra – within the streets of Mazepa, Lavrskaya, Panfilovtsev, Reut, Leipzigskaya:

Проект детального плану, що охоплює більшу частину захисної зони Києво-Печерської лаври

The project is a detailed plan that covers most of the protective zone of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

The project plan for an area of ??more than 77 hectares does not mainly involve significant changes, except for one but important.

Just in front of the bell tower of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, the territory of the former shoe factory “Kyiv” is proposed to be given for the construction of a residential complex. Although the current general plan for 2020 here is the territory of industry.

За генпланом Києва, територія взуттєвої фабрики – територія промисловості

According to the general plan of Kiev, the territory of the shoe factory is the territory of industry

The area of ??the new development is 8.7 hectares, the total area of ??the buildings is 115,035 square meters, the storey is 8-11 floors, which is almost on the level with the bell tower.

План проекту забудови на території колишньої взуттєвої фабрики «Київ» біля Києво-Печерської лаври

A plan for a building project on the territory of the former shoe factory “Kyiv” near the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

The draft detailed plan of the territory has not yet been approved by the decision of the city council. However, as noted in the minutes of the meeting of the Town-Planning Council, the Department of Architecture has already supported the idea of ??”functional transformation of the territory of former industrial enterprises and the placement of housing and public buildings on them.” It is about the territory of the former shoe factory “Kyiv”.

At the same time, the monitoring mission of UNESCO has repeatedly drawn attention to the inadmissibility of high-altitude building of this territory and welcomed the cessation of such initiatives.

Andriy Mirgorodsky is an architect, and his company “Design Systems LTD” has developed a detailed plan with high-rise building in front of the laurels. During the week Mirgorodsky did not find time to meet Schemes.

Company Mirgorodsky is not the first time engaged in design work in the historical Pechersk. The cooperation with the Arts and Crafts Complex “Mystetskyi Arsenal” was completed by the courts due to insufficient level of execution of works, says the general director of the complex Olesya Ostrovska-Luta.

“There was a litigation between” Mystetskyi Arsenal “and” Design Systems Ltd “regarding the documentation of the construction, developed for the order” Ukrndproektrestavratsiya “, which” Mystetskyi Arsenal “considered unacceptable. “Mystetskyi Arsenal” won the courts “, – she recalls.

In what way, the city authorities – the Department of Urban Development and Architecture – chose “Design Systems Ltd” as a developer of DPT, in response to the request “Schemes” have not been explained. There they only noted that attracting non-budget funds for such work is allowed. Just like private companies.

Possibility of high-rise building of the territory of the former shoe factory – is, above all, the benefit to its owner or user. After all, the cost per square meter of housing with a view to the bell tower can reach significant sums.

Who benefits from this construction?

In 2014, the shoe factory became one of the platforms of political life. People`s deputies from the presidential party began to visit this industrial zone. Here was the election headquarters of the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko. Here are the congresses of his political forces.

In 2014, the shoe factory became one of the platforms of political life. People`s deputies from the presidential party began to visit this industrial zone. Here was the election headquarters of the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko. Here are the congresses of his political forces.
The territory of the former factory also houses the “International Investment Bank” office, the largest share of which is owned by Petro Poroshenko. And also the office of the firm “Energy Standard (Ukraine)” of Russian businessman Kostyantyn Grigorishin – a former business partner of Petro Poroshenko.

Formally, the territory of the former shoe factory “Kyiv” – in communal ownership. But by 2027 it is rented by LLC “Kyiv Enterprise”. The online edition of Our Money, after analyzing the structure of ownership of this company, revealed in it companies related to the already mentioned business partner Petro Poroshenko Konstantin Grigorishin, the head of the Belarusian electoral bloc David Zhvania and another old business associate Poroshenko Oleg Gladkovsky .

Бізнесмен Костянтин Григоришин, співкерівник виборчого штабу БПП Давид Жванія та давній бізнес-компаньйон Порошенка Олег Гладковський

Obviously, a detailed plan of the territory, which will turn the industrial land into a high-rise building, is advantageous to the “Kyiv” enterprise, which by 2027 will have time to build an elite complex and make good sales for housing. And the guesses about the fact that the President`s environments seek to build the factory`s territory have been partly confirmed and documented.

The fact that the investor is developing a detailed plan of the territory is a charity fund “Preservation of the National Architectural Heritage.” This is evidenced by the agreement between the Department of Architecture of Kyiv, “Design Systems Ltd” and the charity fund. Its founders are the former head of the State Department of Affairs, and now the deputy head of the faction of the party “Petro Poroshenko Bloc” Sergei Berezenko and his party-winner Alexander Briginets. It is the fund that pays for the development of a detailed plan of the territory and provides all the initial data of the company Andrew Mirgorodsky.

Народні депутати від БПП Сергій Березенко та Олександр Бригинець

People`s Deputies from the BPP Sergei Berezenko and Alexander Briginets

Although four years ago, Alexander Briginets fought against the embodiment of another project of the same architect Mirgorodsky – the reconstruction of the Gostiny Dvor.

Now the foundation, founded by Alexander Bryhintsev and Sergey Berezenko, pays the same Andriy Mirgorodsky for where the most responsible work is – the development of a detailed plan of the territory of a large part of the buffer zone of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and Sophia of Kiev. However, Alexander Briginets says he did not know what his money was being spent on.

“I am categorically against any building of the central part of the city. As a founder of the fund, when we founded it, he had to deal with the Mariinsky Palace. After the foundation was established, I was a member at that time for 2 months, my mandates were over, I went to the ATO zone and I was not involved with what was connected with the fund … “- Alexander Briginets noted.

Народний депутат від «Блоку Петра Порошенка» Олександр Бригинець

People`s Deputy from the “Peter Poroshenko Bloc” Alexander Briginets

Another co-founder of the fund – deputy head of the faction of the party “Petro Poroshenko Bloc” Sergei Berezenko did not answer the question of what interest he has in construction in front of the Lavra.

Under the rules of the use of the territories of the sites of world heritage sites, UNESCO must be informed of all architectural transformations planned in the buffer zone. “Schemes” asked UNESCO on request – whether the World Heritage Center informed the city planning council of the construction agreement in front of the Lavra and added the graphic materials of the DPT. This information was perceived as new in the organization.

“When the Secretariat receives information (…) from a source other than the State Party, it will, as far as possible, verify the source and content of the information, after consulting the interested State Party and requesting its comments. In accordance with the procedure, we will check with the Ukrainian side, the State party, the draft contained in your letter “, – said in response to a request from Monica Adjivanou of the UNESCO Public Information Unit.

The Ukrainian side will periodically report on the state of the world cultural heritage sites at UNESCO sessions.

When preparing this material, authors from different sources used youcontrol service, the data of which was confirmed in official state registers.

Translated by IVC

Written by Maxim Savchuk



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