The corruption schemes of Prime Minister Groisman: Investigation

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The truth is about how a well-known politician lives

After moving from Maidan from Vinnitsa to Kiev, Vladimir Groisman did not officially acquire his own real estate in the capital. Where does the head of the Ukrainian government live? The “schemes” found out that the Prime Minister and his family live in one of the most prestigious residential complexes of the capital – Novopecherskie Lipki. True, luxury apartments are not decorated in the very premiere, but on his mother-in-law, who herself lives in Vinnitsa. Are the wealthy parents of the politician’s wife taken, as they say, “in accept”? Or did Groysman buy the apartment, simply, according to a bad bureaucratic tradition, by issuing elite property to a relative? Investigation of the program “Schemes”, a joint project of Radio Liberty and the channel “UA: First.”

Recently, Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman amazed citizens by saving one and a half million dollars in cash – this is what he noted in his electronic declaration.

“Today completed filling out an electronic declaration. As I said earlier, for me it was not particularly difficult, because over the past ten years I have been submitting declarations in various posts every year — first as mayor of Vinnitsa, then as deputy prime minister and chairman of the Verkhovna Rada. My declarations are publicly available. They have both my income and my property, which was mainly acquired by me as an entrepreneur before 2006, when I came to power, ”wrote Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman on his Facebook page after submitting a declaration .


In addition to cash, Prime Minister Groisman, who began his rapid political career in Vinnitsa, declared his property in Vinnytsia and the land there. But in Kiev, where Groisman moved after Maidan, he officially has no real estate. Where does he live?

Prime Minister`s weekdays

22:30 The film crew of the Scheme program records how the prime minister’s motorcade leaves the government house.

The cortege of Prime Minister Groisman drives off from the government house
After only 13 minutes, this same motorcade enters under the barrier of the elite residential complex Novopecherskie Lipki.

Motorcade Groisman enters the residential area “Novopecherski Lypky”A few days later, at 8:30 in the morning, a film crew fixes a car with flashing lights near one of the houses of the residential complex Novopecherskie Lipki. For several hours a security guard comes out of the parking lot, after which an armored Mercedes is served from the parking lot.


A car from the Groysman motorcade is leaving the parking lot of the residential complex Novopecherskie Lipki

At 11:34, Vladimir Groysman leaves the house.


But the Prime Minister himself appears

On the way of the Prime Minister’s motorcade, traffic lights are turned off at all crossroads, and police regulate traffic.


During the passage of the motorcade Groisman traffic lights are turned off on the roads

 The residential quarter of the business class Novopecherskie Lipki is located in Pechersk district, in the center of Kiev. The quarter is called the city in the city. It has an access control system, a kindergarten, a school, sports complexes, a supermarket, restaurants, beauty salons.

But in the electronic declaration of Vladimir Groisman 2015 is not owned by the Moscow real estate.

But Groysman notes that since January 20, 2015, he has been using almost 60 square meters of a Kiev apartment owned by a citizen named Burlaka Alina Ipolitivna.

In the use of each of the three other members of his family – his wife, daughter and son – another 60 squares of real estate owned by Burlak Alina Hypolitivni.

According to the Register of property rights, Burlaka Alina Ipolitivna has two neighboring apartments in Novopecherski Lypka, with an area of ??183 and 59 square meters in the building and the entrance from which Vladimir Groysman exited. And also two parking spaces.

Alina Ipolitivna acquired this elite real estate on January 20, 2015. It is this date that Groysman indicates in the line “the date of acquisition of the right to use”.

Elite residential quarter “Novopecherski Lypky” in the center of Kiev

In Groisman’s electronic declaration, there are no expenses for renting a Kiev apartment, and therefore, it seems that the Prime Minister uses the elite real estate of citizen Alina Burlaki for free. Who is she?

Mother-in-law of the prime minister

To meet her, the crew of the Scheme program had to go to Vinnitsa.

Here, on the Avenue of Youth, not one person told the journalist where the mother-in-law of Prime Minister Groisman lives.

On the video from the presidential election of 2014, you can see how one of the Vinnitsa sites, where Vladimir Groysman receives the bulletin, indicates the address of 53 Avenue Yunost. It was the Vinnytsia registration Groysman at that time.

Volodymyr Groysman at the polling station in Vinnitsa

In 2014, at the time of the move, Vladimir Groisman to Kiev Burlaka Alina Ipolitivna was registered in house No. 53 on Yunost Avenue. In the same apartment on the 5th floor, the future prime minister and his wife were also registered.

The Scheme journalist goes up to the 5th floor to talk with the Prime Minister`s mother-in-law, but no one opens the door. Neighbors say that now Alina Ipolitivna no longer lives in this apartment.


According to the Register of property rights, Burlaka Alina Ipolitivna has a house in the village of Agronomichnoe of Vinnitsa region.
“Schemes” and found this house. Near the house park Lada. The journalist is trying to find Alina Ipolitivna Burlaku.

House in Vinnitsa, owned by the mother-in-law of Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman


In the end, a woman came out to the film crew, who assured that Alina Hipolitivny Bourlyasks was not at home. The fact that she lives here, the woman did not say: “I honestly tell you that she lives here, yes.”

The woman calls herself the elder sister of the prime minister`s wife.


Irina Burlaka, sister of the wife of Groisman

“Vladimir Borisovich has very big plans to make Ukraine better. We are not going to drape away from here, because this is our land. So you know: in the Vinnytsia region there are already 9 generations of Groysman and I am proud that I have such relatives. We are very simple people, ”she assures.

The journalist of the Scheme program Mikhail Tkach communicates with Irina Burlaka, the sister of Groysman’s wife

The journalist wondered where the mother-in-law of the Prime Minister could be found:

– We just have a few questions. We would like to put them.

– You ask me. I will answer you.

– Simply Alina Ipolitivna acquired in 2015 two apartments in Kiev in Novopecherski Lypky.

– Yes.
 – This is an elite real estate and there are two parking lots. We wanted to ask how she managed to do this, because, as far as we know, Alina Hapolitivna was not in business. And we are interested in what means. Or did Vladimir Borisovich help?

– This is my mother. Remove better my car, which I drive, harasho?

– We will remove, agreed. So this is your mother. And maybe you know?

– Once again I want to say: we live very simply. You can sit down, pump up the sleeves and work. The one who works today, that is.

– So you do not know whether Vladimir Borisovich helped in the acquisition? Or is it Alina Ipolitivna from her own funds?

– I`m helping my mom. What more do you want?

– So these funds were purchased for these apartments?

– Kanechno. I am 24 years old – head. Self employed. Rigging taxes, law-abiding woman. What more do you want?

– We wanted to ask how much these two apartments cost in this case?

– Do you want it? This is my private property.

– Now the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman lives in these apartments, so we want to find out.
– Once again I say, we are simple people and we care about the future of Ukraine. And there is nothing to look in the past, it is necessary to look to the future, you see?

Prime Minister`s sister-in-law: “Forget who has what”

Irina Burlaka, the sister of Groysman’s wife, convinces: in the past she was a successful businessman.

Therefore, it was she who supposedly bought mothers an apartment and two parking places in the capital in Novopecherski Lypky, where the Prime Minister himself now lives:

– This is from my means.

– How much did these apartments cost? – again interested journalist.

Elite residential quarter “Novopecherski Lypky” in the center of Kiev

– I say it again, if I am a private entrepreneur since the age of 24, you can check. You think I didn`t earn at least what you were talking about?

– Well, you just say that you drive this car.

– And so we go. We are employees. We are workers. We have a family of workers.

The journalist is interested in exactly what kind of business the sister of his wife, Groisman, was engaged in.

– I have a talented person, I am a talented person.

– And what is the scope of your business?

– I had production and in due time a trading direction.
 – So they sold it?

– Yes, I had my own shops and all that.

– I understood.

– The sawmill was its own time. Now I have not worked for 6 years. Now we do gardening. My husband is a very talented person. My husband grows walnut orchards, apple orchards from the beginning of the root to the packaging of apples.

As evidence of her solvency, a woman offers to demonstrate a foreign car in the courtyard: “I drive both on an expensive car and on a poor one. So I can break now, please. You can shoot this car. ”

The couple leaves for Toyota Corolla, which, however, is registered with the late father-in-law Vladimir Groisman.

Why is Groysman`s mother-in-law, who lives in Vinnitsa, 240 square meters and two parking spaces in the center of Kiev?

“You know what I want to tell you, when I make some purchases, it does not mean that I have to make these purchases in order for some to make illegal such actions. Do you understand? If I want to make this purchase. I can afford it, ”the premier’s sister’s sister’s question answered.

And he adds: “It seems to me that it is not necessary to look who has what. You do not look who has what. You forget about who has what. ”

The next day after returning from Vinnitsa, the film crew of the program is trying to take off once more, as Volodymyr Groysman leaves the house.

But this morning, the prime minister’s motorcade is already leaving through the parking lot.

Groisman motorcade leaves underground parking

The motorcade again, with the help of the policemen, unimpeded, makes its way from home to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.


Cortege Prime Minister arrives at the Cabinet of Ministers

In order to find out how much two apartments for 183 and 59 square meters and two parking spaces could cost, the journalists turned to the Novopecherskie Lipki sales department.

“Parking costs 35-38 thousand dollars. If it is more than 17 square meters, then it will be 38 000 dollars. I can tell you: the houses that are being built now are the minimum price of 2500, the maximum is 2900 (dollars – ed.). For the square, “- told about the prices in the sales department.

Therefore, such arithmetic:

Apartment number 1 (183 square meters) + apartment number 2 (59 square meters) = 242 square meters. 242 square meters multiplied by the average cost per square meter $ 2500 = $ 605,000

We add two parking lots of 18 square meters worth 38,000 + 38,000 = $ 76,000

Thus, the total value of real estate purchased by mothers-in-law Vladimir Groysman in January 2015 averages 681,000 dollars.

The silence of the Prime Minister

The “schemes” sent a request to the Prime Minister, but in 8 days only the press secretary of Vladimir Groysman agreed to talk with journalists.

A spokesman for the prime minister, Dmitry Stolyarchuk, confirmed that Burlaka Alina Ipolitivna is the prime minister’s mother-in-law: “She’s really a mother-in-law, and she bought this apartment. Vladimir Borisovich is a member of the family and on these grounds he also uses this apartment. ”

However, when asked if Alina Ipolitivna is engaged in business, how could she buy this property, Stolyarchuk replies: “You know, she is already retired. I think no “.

“Just such an apartment can cost about half a million dollars. And how can a person who is retired and not engaged in such a business have such funds, as I understand it, in business? Or is it not a way to avoid declaring certain amounts? “- asked the journalist from the press secretary.

In response to a question, Groysman’s press secretary, Dmitry Stolyarchuk, insists: “You know, I don’t think this is the way. Everything that belongs to Vladimir Borisovich Groisman, he honestly declared. ”

It turns out that the Prime Minister of Ukraine for two years already lives in an apartment belonging to his pensioner mother-in-law. The sister of his wife Groysman claims that the elite real estate was acquired at her expense. At the same time, the journalists filmed her and her husband in the house of Groysman`s mother-in-law, from where they were driving the car of the late father-in-law Groysman.
In the electronic declaration of 2015, Volodymyr Groysman noted in cash more than two million hryvnias, 870,000 dollars, 460,000 euros. On bank accounts: more than two million hryvnia and 16,000 euros. The wife of Volodymyr Groysman declared in cash 1.6 million hryvnias, 372,000 dollars and 193,000 hryvnias in a bank account.

Prime Minister`s response

The other day, opening the government meeting, Vladimir Groysman noted: “It is very important that we make such a system of government functioning so that it does not give the possibility of abuse. Two parts: the first is to create conditions under which no corruption should be the ground, and on the other, corrupt officials should be in prisons. ”

At the same time, for more than a week, Groisman could not find time to meet with journalists, or at least write in writing about his family’s property.
“Given his busy schedule, I don’t think he will spend time on it,” said Groisman’s press secretary.

The film crew of Scheme waited for the premiere near one of the capital`s hotels, where Vladimir Groysman arrived at a public event. After a long hustle with the guards, the journalist was able to ask the head of the government about the property of his mother-in-law, in which he himself lives.

– Vladimir Borisovich, good afternoon. Radio Liberty, the program “Schemes”.

– Very nice.

– U.S. too. How did your mother-in-law buy property in Novopecherski Lipki where you currently live?

– What worries you?

– It is interesting to us, first, why do you live in real estate registered to your mother-in-law, and how could she, being not retired, purchase?

– Only you will show everything completely. Will not cut?
 – Yes.

– See, I have a lot of real estate. So the Lord honored that I could earn it. And I have several houses that are located in Vinnitsa. I think about buying an apartment in Kiev now with my family. And the fact that my mother-in-law, whom I love very much, has her own accommodation in Kiev, for me this is probably very good. We now live there with our family. And anyway, I want to tell you that I really love my mother-in-law, very, very. I always helped her and I will help in any conditions.

– And how could she get? This is a very luxury property.

– See, took the funds and acquired.

– Whose?

– Own. Own.

– That is, she had such savings. There`s just about half a million dollars worth.

– When you come to the store and buy something, do you have money? Do you live in an apartment? May I ask, do you live in an apartment?
 – Yes.

– In which?

– In the one-room

– Is she in Kiev?
 – As your two parking lots.

The public politician, who heads the government and is discharged by the state budget, did not directly answer the question about the origin of family property. But he tried to force the journalist to report to him: “When you come to the store and buy something, do you have money? Do you live in an apartment? And how much wages do you have? ”

Journalist of the Scheme program Mikhail Tkach and Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman

But “Schemes” continued to find out – where did the Grovesman pensioner pay more than half a million dollars for elite real estate in Kyiv, where the prime minister himself lives for the second year?

– Do you know that I was an entrepreneur from 1995 to 2005?

– So

– Have you seen my declaration?
 – So. I have seen it. I`m just curious, you`ll understand how your mother-in-law is, she`s retired, she`s not doing business.

– Look, you`re looking for a sensation where it just does not.

– We are not looking for sensations. We just wonder the question is simple: where is your mother-in-law about half a million dollars – is this property?

– Do you want to ask if my family is helping the mother-in-law? I answer you: it helps.

– It is in the acquisition of this property.

– In all. I`m helping the fathers in everything.

– That is, there are your funds also in acquiring this property?

– My personal is not.
 – And whose?

– What`s the difference?

– Well as? We are interested. You are a prime minister – a public figure.

– She has grandchildren. She has one daughter, the second daughter, there is no problem here. My family and my wife have money. I will be grateful if you show everything so completely and you will not cut it.

– No, we will show everything. I simply do not understand: I am not a public figure and not a prime minister – and you ask for my home.

– I am asking for your accommodation, because I want you to have a three-room apartment instead of one-room apartment. God give it!

At the same time, according to the Law of Ukraine “On Prevention of Corruption”, if the property, which was registered at third parties, was at least partially purchased for the money of an official or members of his family, this should be indicated in the declaration. At the same time, in the electronic declaration of incomes and expenditures of Vladimir Groisman and his family for 2015, in the section “Expenditures” there is no mention of the cost of acquiring real estate.

Translated by: INTVC

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