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As was shown in the first series on the example of the French series “Apocalypse. The Second World War, “the fact that propagandists are stubbing the brains of a young Russian citizen in the guise of” history “is not history. And it moved me to do this job for you.

I must say right away that I will not tell the story of the Second World War, because those who are interested in my films know this story at least in general terms, and for those who were not interested in the history of our Motherland, they also have my job to nothing.

And I will give those characteristic moments in the history of that war that are the most isolated in Russia.

This series is for a citizen of Russia, but if the audience believes that I will pour oil on the Russian soul, I will immediately say that they are mistaken, because I will reveal the truth, which is bitter for the patriot. I do not intend to conserve the shortcomings of both the USSR and the Red Army in present-day Russia so that parasites can still live freely in Russia. History is not just entertainment for idle people, history is obliged to help people make our lives better.

After this introduction, let’s start from the beginning – with the causes of the Second World War, since, as you understand, only frank morons can consider the cause of the war that Hitler was an anti-Semite.
To do this, let us return to the beginning of the century – to the results of the First World War, during which the Russian Empire showed its complete military and moral weakness, admitting its defeat in the war, in which its allies became victors.

But as a result of this weakness, the tsar in Russia was overthrown by the liberals, and even because of the debility of the liberals, state power fell into the hands of the Bolsheviks – people of communist convictions.

I must say that the Bolsheviks officially relied on the theory of Marx and certainly considered this theory to be a science, but in fact, Marxism is an analogue of religious faith such as Christianity. The Marxist is obliged to believe in the laws of Marxism, since in life these notorious laws of Marx have not been confirmed or confirmed in any way. But this is not about Marxism. It was fortunate for Russia that it was the Marxist Bolsheviks who dared to take power in the devastated Tsar (king) and the war of Russia, however, the Bolsheviks exercised their power despite the numerous parasites inside Russia, and despite the vicious opposition of parasites in almost all countries of the world called the West. Nevertheless, the Bolsheviks stubbornly led Russia along the path of establishing maximum social justice in it.

This was already a reproach to the whole West, since in the West parasitism was protected by law – protected by government apparatuses of the West. And only for this reason the West would like to destroy the Soviet Union (into which the Russian Empire was transformed).

But this is not enough, the USSR was an example for all countries – parties and communist movements began to form in all countries, and even without taking power, these parties began to demand from their states the kind of social justice that was established in the USSR.

For example, in the USSR in 1936 the Constitution was adopted, called Stalin, which for the first time in the whole world introduces the right of workers to rest – to paid holidays. Section 119 of the Stalin Constitution established:

“Citizens of the USSR have the right to rest. The right to rest is ensured by reducing the working day for the vast majority of workers to 7 hours, setting annual vacations for workers and employees with the preservation of wages, and providing a wide network of sanatoriums, rest houses, clubs for servicing workers. ”

And seeing that in the USSR, workers have the right to paid holidays, this right began to demand from their governments communists and socialists around the world, and even in the French film I criticize, we hear.

I, 11-40

What should we expect from people who believe that states should protect not justice, but the right of parasites not to bring any benefit to society, but to derive maximum benefits from society? That’s right, all the bourgeois states of the world — all the countries of the West — wanted to destroy the Bolshevik power in the USSR. The British conservatives in those years openly proclaimed the slogan: “For Britain to live, Bolshevism must die.”

This is what the citizen of Russia must remember – not just the Germans, but almost all the countries of the West wanted to destroy the USSR. And this was the true cause of World War II, and not Hitler’s notorious anti-Semitism.

But there was no one in the world who wanted to fight again – the First World War was still in everyone’s memory, and it killed about 12 million people in 27 countries of the world. Everyone wanted to destroy the USSR, but wanted to do it with the wrong hands. And soon the West saw such hands.

According to the results of the First World War, Germany not only lost the war, Germany was brazenly deceived. At the time of the armistice, not a single foreign soldier had yet set foot on Germany proper, therefore the Germans were convinced that they owed their defeat to the betrayal of the revolutionary government that had overthrown the German Kaiser. In addition, the Germans were stupidly robbed territorially and the victors — France and Great Britain — continued to rob the reparations.

As a result, revanchist organizations emerged in Germany that demanded a new war. And in the end, an organization arose with which the whole bourgeois world linked its hopes for the destruction of the USSR.
Oddly enough, it was a national socialist movement, moreover, a movement of the working class of Germany. This should be surprising, since it turned out that these were almost the closest relatives of the Communists. Indeed, there was a time when even the future Nazi propaganda minister Goebbels said: “I am not Stalin, but I will become him!”

However, this movement, which took shape in the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, very soon was led by a very intelligent, encyclopedically educated and energetic leader, an Austrian artist and a brave soldier of the First World War, Adolf Hitler. And it was Hitler who sharply turned the Nazis away from the Communists, and this was logical, since they had one base – the working people of Germany. In this regard, the Communists and Nazis of Germany were obliged to either unite or become irreconcilable enemies. But when the leaders united, there would be two, which was unacceptable to Hitler, who severely criticized irresponsible parliamentarism. He believed that the leader must be alone, otherwise the leader’s responsibility to the people is spread.

I must say that the socialist ideas of Hitler and the Nazis were different from the socialist ideas of the Bolsheviks in their fundamental part. The Bolsheviks considered obligatory the nationalization of all major means of production, and the Nazis considered the German capitalists to be outstanding Germans, and therefore limited themselves to establishing these capitalists with laws protecting the rights of workers working for them. And for this reason, Nazism scared the parasites of the West much less than Bolshevism.
Not only that, the Nazis explained to the Germans the main thing that Bolshevism is communism for all, that is, communism is international, and Nazism is communism only for the Germans. And this should be considered the main difference from Bolshevism – Nazism was an extremely racist movement and for this reason a mortal enemy of Bolshevism.

The Bolsheviks sought to spread their ideas around the world and supported the communist parties in all countries, they formed the world communist organization – the Communist International (Comintern) – and considered themselves not just members of the Communist Party of the USSR, but immediately members of the Comintern.

But the Nazis, on the contrary, became isolated in Germany and did not create Nazi parties anywhere in the world. The Nazis considered only the Germans and several other peoples to be the highest race, and the rest of the peoples considered second-rate and even subhuman.

Moreover, if the Jews were considered Hitler by those who should not be given freedom in the German state, then the Slavs and, above all, the Slavs of the USSR were considered subhuman in Europe. Moreover, it was the usual racism inherent in the Germans, the fact is that even the Communist No. 1 — a Jew who considered himself a Teutonic — Karl Marx, considered the Slavs, especially Russians. Therefore, Hitler’s racist ideas to the bulk of the Germans were much closer than the international ideas of the Bolsheviks. Therefore, Hitler defeated the German Communists in the elections, albeit in a dishonest fight, nevertheless, in the election campaign familiar to the West.

For the West, it was important that no matter who Hitler might be, he was not going to spread his ideas around the world, and therefore, as a social politician, Hitler was not dangerous for parasites around the world.

But this is not enough. Hitler’s state goals were important to the West, and he didn’t just express them on the occasion. In his program for Nazism, Mein Kampf (My Struggle), written back in 1927, Hitler thoughtfully discusses Germany’s future goals and all options for its actions and alliances with a wide range of arguments and evidence, and from all sides. with other countries.

For example, Hitler argued that the goal of a justified war should be only living space for his people, and the German Kaiser – Hitler rebuked the deposed German emperor Wilhelm II – got involved in the First World War completely stupid. Because, if he wanted to capture colonies all over the world, then he would have to fight in alliance with Russia against England, and if he wanted to seize lands in Europe, then he would have to fight in alliance with England against Russia. And the Kaiser began the war against England and against Russia.
And you cannot dispute this logic.

Hitler considered France the main enemy of Germany, but believed because France, for its own safety, always sought to divide the more numerous Germans into separate states. And apart from Alsace and Lorraine captured by France, Hitler had no territorial claims against France. “We all now understand that we still have a very large and difficult struggle with France,” Hitler wrote. “But this fight with France can and will only make sense to the extent that it will provide us with the rear in the struggle to expand our territories in Europe.” Moreover, Hitler emphasized and emphasized that (I quote): “Our task is not in colonial conquests. The resolution of the problems we are facing is only and exclusively in the conquest of new lands that we could occupy with the Germans. At the same time, we need lands that are directly adjacent to the indigenous lands of our homeland. Only in this case, our settlers will be able to maintain close ties with the indigenous population of Germany. ”

And then Hitler pleased the West with a revelation: “Having decided to get new lands in Europe, we could get them in general only at the expense of Russia. In this case, we had to gird our loins and move along the same road that the knights of our orders once walked. The German sword would have had to conquer the land of the German plow and thereby provide the daily bread of the German nation. For such a policy, we could find only one ally in Europe: England. ”

And the final conclusion: “For the whole period of time for Germany, only two allies in Europe are possible: England and Italy.”

But as regards the alliance with Russia, having examined the pros and cons, Hitler made the categorical conclusion: “Already the fact of the conclusion of an alliance between Germany and Russia would mean the inevitability of a future war, the outcome of which was predetermined in advance. Such a war could only mean the end of Germany. ” As you see, Hitler was well aware that an alliance with the USSR would make Germany an outcast in the eyes of the West, and the West would crush Germany with its enormous superiority in power.

Thus, the point is not that Hitler did not like the Jews very much and therefore began the war. Hitler described a carefully thought-out strategy for the construction of the German state, provided with land and resources for a thousand years – the “millennium Reich.” And this task, along with the social transformations of Germany, also inspired and forced millions of Germans to follow Hitler.

I repeat, this task could not but rejoice the West and connect with Hitler, and then with his ally Mussolini, hopes for the elimination of the USSR as a threat to world parasitism. It is no accident that the British Prime Minister and her Foreign Minister constantly visited Hitler, it was no accident that the United States declared Hitler the man of the year, and Roosevelt and Churchill were delighted with Mussolini, and the royal couple of Great Britain visited Mussolini and awarded him the Order of the Bath – the highest order Great Britain.
And, as you see, Hitler’s not suddenly flashed love for the British, with whom he fought in the trenches of the First World War, drew him to an alliance with Great Britain, but a strategy for building the German state. And this strategy has determined so far that this secret, almost military alliance of Great Britain with the Nazis has been carefully hidden by London. This alliance most likely operated until 1943 – until the Battle of Stalingrad and the understanding that Germany and its vassals would never defeat the Soviet Union.
Without reflecting on this mutual interest of Great Britain and the Nazis, many questions of history that are simply hushed up or left by historians without a clear answer will not be understood.

Let us recall the largest of them at least briefly.

1. To begin with, in September 1938 the Germans began to claim the seizure of Czechoslovakia, a crisis arose, and at that moment British Foreign Minister Halifax explained to Hitler the position of the British government: “… Germany and England are the two pillars of the European world and the main pillars against communism and therefore it is necessary to peacefully overcome our current difficulties … “And from this position it followed that,” it will be possible to find a solution acceptable to all but Russia. ” And such a solution was found – by conspiring with Hitler in Munich, the British and French gave to the Germans to tear Czechoslovakia, at that time one of the world’s largest arms exporters. And Czechoslovakia prepared the Germans up to a third of their weapons throughout the Second World War. How to understand this?

2. After a conspiracy in Munich, British Prime Minister N. Chamberlain and Hitler signed the Anglo-German Declaration, which declared their determination to never fight with each other again, to consult and thus contribute to the preservation of European peace. How to understand this?

3. During the German occupation of Czechoslovakia, its legitimately elected President Benes left the country and moved to London and there led the Czechoslovak government in exile. And Czechoslovakia’s gold reserve of £ 6 million was stored in London for reliability. Nevertheless, when Hitler demanded this gold, Chamberlain in early April 1939 took this gold from Benes and gave it to Hitler.
How to understand this, if not the union of the Germans and the British ??

4. And when in the next 1939 the Germans began to claim on the territory of Poland, and the USSR proposed England and France to create a defensive military alliance against the Germans, England did not even send Halifax’s Foreign Minister to negotiate this alliance, since the then Prime Minister of Great Britain Chamberlain said the British minister’s visit to Moscow “would be humiliating.” Note that not only Halifax, but Chamberlain himself flew to Germany three times to meet Hitler, and for them this was not humiliating. England, in fact, refused to enter into an alliance with the USSR against the main European aggressor.
How to understand this, if not the union of the Germans and the British?

5. After the outbreak of World War II, the Anglo-French troops in France, having huge superiority in forces, did nothing to defeat Germany, and as a result, the period of the war from September 1939 to May 1940 was called the Strange War. England almost openly allowed the Germans to accumulate strength to capture Denmark and Norway, and then strike at France.
How to understand this, if not the union of the Germans and the British?

6. After the Germans launched an attack on France, they quickly surrounded and on May 23, 1940 pressed the British expeditionary force to the sea in the Dunkirk area. The Germans had to defeat him, throw him into the sea or make him surrender, but on May 24 Hitler ordered the German troops not to get closer to Dunkirk closer than 10 km, and this saved the British. Taking advantage of this courtesy of Hitler, British ships and ships exported from the encircled Dunkirk to England nearly 340 thousand military personnel from all countries fighting with Germany, including 140 thousand British. And these troops subsequently killed the Germans. Why did Hitler go for this? Is that a question?
And how to understand this, if not the union of the Germans and the British?

7. The German field marshal Manstein in his memoirs accuses Hitler of the fact that after the defeat of France, Hitler did not begin an operation to capture Britain. Manstein then prepared for the landing in England his division and did not doubt the victory. He writes: “In fact, in the summer of 1940, England was almost completely defenseless on land before the invasion.” This, for its part, confirms Churchill in his book. Why didn’t Hitler attack England on the islands? Is that a question? Manstein also gives an answer to this question from Hitler: “He often said that it was not in Germany’s interest to destroy the British Empire.” But Germany and England, as it were, fought with each other!
Then how to understand this, if not a secret union of the Germans and the British?

8. On the eve of the war with the USSR, on May 10, 1941, the second man of Germany, Hitler’s deputy for the party Rudolf Hess, flew to England, but what Hess talked with the British about, the British kept secret until 2017, and then they revealed obvious fakes to the public. Hess was not involved in war crimes, however, the Nuremberg Tribunal sentenced him to life imprisonment, and Hess served him in Germany in the Spandau prison. All other real war criminals were already pardoned and imprisoned, and Hess was still sitting. Finally, in 1987, Gorbachev agreed to pardon him on behalf of the USSR, but after that the British, guarding the prison at that time, reported that Hess hanged himself in prison. Moreover, the British immediately burned and destroyed all the evidence of “suicide” of Hess. But since the British keep the details so secret in the Hess case, there is only one explanation – they want to hide from the public something very vile about the British government, and this can be vile only one thing – an agreement between the British and Hitler. Is not it?

9. In World War II, Great Britain and the United States pledged to sell and lease weapons and military materials to the USSR. In the summer of 1942, during the most difficult period for the USSR, the defeat near Kharkov and the German offensive in the Caucasus and the Volga, 35 PQ-17 convoy ships with military cargoes for the USSR came out of England to Arkhangelsk under the protection of the British fleet. But when approaching the most dangerous section of the route, the British ships left, leaving defenseless merchant ships to be torn apart by German submarines and aircraft, as a result of which 22 ships were sunk by the Germans. Relying on these losses, the Allies generally stopped supplying military materials to the USSR through northern ports for 4 months. We see brazenly blamed on the stupidity of the British admirals, the explicit help of the British government to the Germans during the most difficult period of the war for the USSR. How to understand this?

If we take up the question of why the events turned out that way, then we will enter the realm of speculation, meaninglessly lengthening this story. In my opinion, Prime Minister Chamberlain, trying to push Germany against the USSR in the war, while remaining on the sidelines, hoping to dominate Europe, when Germany was exhausted in the war, outwitted himself. As a result, Churchill had to defend Britain from defeat in both honest and dishonorable ways. But this is a hypothesis.
And above in the film are facts, facts of history, and not chatter about a falsified secret protocol to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. And a Russian citizen needs to understand what they want to deceive him, and why Hitler’s Mine Kampf program is hidden from him.

Because the Second World War was started only because Russia for the whole world became a model of a just state and this caused hatred of all parasites, both inside the USSR and the parasites of the West. These parasites used Hitler and the Germans to attempt to destroy the Soviet Union, but there is no doubt that if Hitler and the Germans were not there, the parasites would look and find other ways to destroy the USSR.

How did they find these ways and bastard performers in 1991.

Written by Yu.I. MUKHIN

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