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The Nazis who attacked the USSR had not only allies, united with the Germans by state interests, but also purely ideological. It is about them, and the consequences of this union that will be discussed in this part of the series.

By 1941, by the time of the attack on the USSR, almost all of Europe was in alliance with the Nazis – Germany and Italy.

The French not only transferred all their tanks to the Germans – almost five thousand combat vehicles, but also produced a huge amount of military equipment for them – from cars to optical rangefinders. The Czechs built almost the entire fleet of German armored personnel carriers, a large number of tanks, aircraft, small arms, artillery and ammunition. The Poles built planes, the Polish Jews in Auschwitz produced synthetic gasoline, rubber and explosives, the Swedes mined iron ore and supplied the Germans with components for military equipment (for example, bearings), the Norwegians supplied the Nazis with seafood, the Danes – with oil … In short, all of Europe tried its best .


And she tried not only on the labor front. Only the elite troops of fascist Germany — the SS troops — accepted 400 thousand “beast beasts” from other countries, and in all, 1800 thousand volunteers joined the Hitler army, forming 59 divisions, 23 brigades, and several national regiments and legions. The most elite of these divisions did not have numbers, but their own names indicating national origin: “Valonia”, “Galicia”, “Bohemia and Moravia”, “Viking”, “Denemark”, “Gembez”, “Langemark”, “Nordland” “,” Netherlands “,” Charlemagne “, and others.

And all this besides the official allies of Germany, whose armies burned and robbed the Soviet Union shoulder to shoulder – Italians, Romanians, Hungarians, Finns, Croats, Slovaks, in addition to the Bulgarians who at that time burned and robbed partisan Serbia. Even officially neutral Spaniards sent their fucking Blue Division to Leningrad!

Modern historians do not stick out these allies, but they do not hide much. But historians carefully lead one Nazi ally into the shadows. This ally was Zionism. For the purposes of today’s propaganda, this fact is hushed up and its study is prohibited, but this circumstance cannot be ignored when studying the real story – that which can be used to understand events today.

This is not about the participation of Jews, as citizens of Germany and citizens of its allies, in the war on the side of Hitler. Yes, only the number of prisoners taken by the Red Army was 10,173 Jews, and this is more than the Finns plus the Dutch who were officially captured against the USSR.

It’s about Zionism.

Briefly about him. Jews lived and live in all countries, partly assimilating, and often presenting these countries with their racist organization, and in response to receiving pogroms and persecutions from the peoples of these countries. In fact, in all countries, Jews live, as it were, in their colonies. And until 1948, the Jews did not have their own state in which they would feel completely safe – there was no metropolis of Jews, there was no Israel.

And in the second half of the XIX century – more than 150 years ago – rich Jews decided to create such a state, having begun to allocate a lot of money for these purposes. The state of Jews was obliged to have a religious ideological basis, according to which it was necessary to gather all the Jews at Mount Zion in what was then Palestine, hence the name of this purely political movement – Zionism. Now attention!

Since people who hate Jews around the world, who are called anti-Semites, also wanted all Jews to leave their countries for Mount Zion, these anti-Semites became the natural allies of the Zionists.

This is paradoxical, not enough of this – it even sounds mockingly, but it is! And this unity of goals was primarily realized by the Zionists themselves. Theodor Herzl, the founding father of Zionism, chairman of the World Zionist Congress, wrote in 1895: “Anti-Semites will become our most reliable friends, anti-Semitic countries will become our allies …”

And it’s quite natural that the Nazis became the ally of the Zionists, led by Hitler – the Nazis welcomed the move of all German Jews to Palestine, created organizational conditions for the Jews, organized camps to prepare German Jews for life in Palestine, and taught them agriculture. And they created economic conditions – made it easier for German Jews to transfer money to Palestine. The Nazis did everything not just for the departure of German Jews from Germany in general, but precisely for the departure to Palestine. From those pre-war times, material evidence of the union of the Nazis and Zionists, for example, commemorative medals, remained.

One must understand that the Nazis were not given anything but Jewish pogroms, which the Nazis arranged to make life difficult for Jews in Germany – the anti-Semites also had to arrange the departure of Jews from Germany.

This is one side of the union of the Nazis and Zionists.

But for the Zionists there was a cardinal problem – yes, almost all the Jews of the world welcomed the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine, but few wanted to live in a Jewish state personally. The fact is that the state, as such, cannot be populated only by bankers, merchants, comedians and journalists, and workers with peasants are also needed. And the Jews, for the most part, considered it shameful to work with their hands. Initially, the Zionists assumed that the workers and peasants of the Jewish state would be Jews from Russia, as the poorest compared to Jews in the rest of the world. But nothing came of it either. The Jews of the Russian Empire were, of course, poor in their mass, but that does not mean that they were stupid.

Look at the first aliyah in the history of Zionism – the organized resettlement of Jews in Palestine. In 1882, 300 Jews in Kharkov, who agreed to move to Palestine and settle there, received and carefully piled lifting money for this. But only 100 people reached Odessa, 40 to Constantinople, and 16 to Palestine! This is out of 300! How many thousands of years will it take to populate a state of 16 people a year?

Looking at this, the aforementioned father of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, wrote in his diary: “I came up with a suitable epitaph for the grave:” He had too good an opinion about the Jews. ”

At that time, the organization of the state of Israel looked like this: Jewish bankers of the Rothschilds and Ginzburgs ripped off money from all over the world with usurious interest, and Jewish plebs, ripped off by Zionism, tore money from the Rothschilds and Gunzburgs. But the Jewish state did not dance in any way because of the reluctance of the Jews to move to Palestine! The liquid trickle of enthusiasts – fanatics of Zionism – who moved to Palestine did not solve the problem – with such a large number of them it was impossible to create the state of Israel.

But these are not all the problems of Zionism — additional problems were created by the Bolsheviks, who began to build an international state of justice in Russia. Not only did the masses of Jews become sincere communists, not only did the masses of Jews of the USSR begin to create collective farms not in Israel but in the USSR, not only did the working Jews from Poland and Romania flood into the USSR to organize a Jewish autonomous region in the Far East, so also the few Jews who worked in Palestinian agriculture began to move from a future Jewish state to the Soviet Union. Things got to the point that in 1926 the Union of Homecoming was organized in Palestine and in 1927 the departure of Jews from Palestine exceeded arrival by 87%. And already in 1929, 100 immigrants from Palestine created in the USSR the agricultural commune Voya Nova. In Israel, these Jews are still considered traitors.

Thus, there were no closer allies in their goals than the Nazis and Zionists: the Nazis who hated the Jews wanted all Jews to leave Germany, and the Zionists also wanted this, the only thing they wanted was for Jews not to travel to the United States, but to Palestine. Not only that, the Nazis and Zionists hated the Soviet Union, and while the Germans treated Soviet Jews as simply Bolsheviks, the Zionists hated Soviet Communist Jews with mortal hatred, since in the eyes of Zionists they were traitors to the Jewish Zionist idea. For example, he was in the Red Army, perhaps the most fearless and honest general – her chief commissar Lev Mehlis. When they reminded him that he was a Jew, Mehlis snapped: “I am not a Jew – I am a communist!” How should Zionists, fanatics of the Jewish state, treat such Jews who did not want to build a Jewish state?

There was also the problem of Zionism, unpleasant for Hitler, however, and Hitler had to somehow solve this problem. The state of Israel could not be organized in Palestine, not only because there were not enough Jews for this, but also because the opponents of the future creation of Israel in Palestine were Great Britain, which had the mandate to rule Palestine. The fact is that the British received oil from the Arab countries of the Middle East, and these countries were not part of the British Empire. And the creation of Israel would cause a war between Jews and Arabs, hatred of the Arabs against the British, and subsequent difficulties in supplying Britain with oil. So Great Britain resisted the creation of Israel in Palestine.

Such a question is legitimate for me. It would seem that since the Jews are scattered throughout the world, what kind of value could they be for Hitler, as allies in the war? Do not tell!

The authoritative Jews of the world, striving to create Israel, not only owned the bulk of the money of the West, but already actually owned the entire press of the West, and this weapon is stronger than the atomic bomb. For example, as mentioned above, in 1938, England and France betrayed their ally – Czechoslovakia. It was an unprecedented shame, the future British Prime Minister Winston Churchill then bitterly declared: “England was offered a choice between war and dishonor. She chose dishonor, but she will receive war. ” Nevertheless, the entire press of the West – all these intellectuals – began to glorify the British Prime Minister Chamberlain and the French Prime Minister Daladier who had betrayed Czechoslovakia. The press began to call Chamberlain and Daladier outstanding peacekeepers, and to demand that they be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

What are you talking about? The strength of the Jewish ally of the Nazis can also be estimated from the French TV series Apocalypse. The Second World War”. These are 6 almost one-hour films, but there is nothing about the heroic and bloody struggle against the fascism of the Serbian people under the leadership of Tito, there is not a word about the burning of the inhabitants of the Belarusian village of Khatyn, not only that, there is not a word about the burning of the French village of Oradur by the Germans, in which the Germans On June 10, 1944, 202 men were shot and 240 women and 200 children burnt alive.

Seven out of every eight German divisions were destroyed by Soviet soldiers, but these soldiers are shown in the film less than the Jews, not to mention how exactly the Soviet soldiers are shown.

But then, in each series, Jews, Jews, and Jews. For example, in this series, in six episodes of which there was no place for the bloody struggle of the Yugoslav partisans, the fifth series describes this feat of Jewish resistance.

V Series, 30-30

What kind of feat is this – to show the fact to prisoners? But you must be aware of this. What kind of film would it be about World War II without Jews?

Or here the authors of the film show the Cossack traitors. It would seem that they should be outraged that they went to the service of the Nazis. No, viewers should be outraged by others.

This is a question of how the Zionists influence their lackeys – journalists of the “free” press. The Zionists had the same influence on the world press during the years of that war. Until 1943, Zionism was a powerful ally of Hitler.

Yes, Hitler and the mass of Germans didn’t like Jews, but if you don’t love anyone, it doesn’t mean that you don’t cooperate with him, if it’s to your advantage. If you do not know or do not take into account that the Nazis and Zionists acted in close alliance, at least until the middle of 1943, then many moments of history remain inexplicable.

1. Here I repeat the episode that I already gave in the first series.

I, 29-00

The final solution to the Jewish question, which is considered an order to begin the extermination of Jews, was adopted at a conference in a villa near the German Lake Wannsee on January 20, 1942. It turns out that only in 1942 did the Germans begin the extermination of the Jews. But local Jews began to destroy Soviet Jews almost immediately after the Germans seized the territory of the USSR. Jews who remained in Kiev were shot in September 1941, in my native Dnepropetrovsk, Jews were shot in an anti-tank ditch in November 1941, and Belarusian Jews were also shot in 1941. How did Hitler want to move the Jews to the east in 1942, if they were already shot in the east? If the decision to destroy Soviet Jews was not made by the Germans, then who? Who else could demand from the Germans the extermination of Soviet Jews, except for the Zionists who hate Soviet Jews – allies of the Germans?

What – does this explanation look incredible? At first glance, yes! But there is no other explanation!

2. A witness of how Dnepropetrovsk Jews went to the places of execution, recalls: “in the majority, they behaved calmly and even smiled.” That is, they did not know where and why they were being led, and when they approached the anti-tank ditch, the policemen surrounded them tightly, and fear paralysis attacked people, depriving them of the will to resist. Why did the Jews not scatter in a city they knew well? Because the rabbis of Dnepropetrovsk convinced them that the Jews were evicted “to the villages of the German colonists Stalindorf, Kalinindorf and Yamburg, and the Germans, or as they began to call them, Volksdeutsche – to the city.”

And in Kiev, not the Germans, but 9 Kiev rabbis convinced the Jews that they were not being taken to Babi Yar, but as an elite nation being relocated to a safe place. The rabbis acted in exactly the same way in Belarus. How to explain the behavior of the rabbis?

3. And how to understand the details of the destruction of the Vilnius ghetto? The Germans put the Zionist Jacob Gens at the head of the ghetto, and he in turn formed the parties of the Jews and sent them to “resettle.” The Jews were resettled nearby – in Ponar, where they were shot in the pits of unfinished gas storage facilities. Here is a witness who lived then with his mother in Ponar.

And so, the Zionist Gens “relocated” 38 thousand Jews of Vilnius and another 10 thousand Jews from the area to the graves, but he especially distinguished himself with the Jewish ghetto in the Belarusian town of Oshmyany. There he destroyed all the Oshmyany Jews by the forces of only the Jewish police of the Vilnius ghetto! Jews destroyed Jews!

How to understand this, not realizing that they are not Germans, but Germans’ allies – Zionists – hated Soviet Jews and demanded that the Germans destroy them.

4. You will be told that in the spring of 1943 the Jews of the Warsaw ghetto revolted so as not to move to the Auschwitz work camps, more familiar to us as Auschwitz. But that is a lie. The uprising was not raised by the Jews, but by the communists of the Warsaw ghetto, and the first thing they did was to kill the leading ghetto and collaborating with the Germans prominent Zionist Alfred Nossig, as well as all the leaders of the Jewish ghetto police in Warsaw. Again the Jews killed the Jews. How to understand this?

5. How do you understand that in Jewish ghettos, which are considered prisons, and in Jewish camps, considered “death camps”, the leaders were Jews and the police were Jewish?

6. In February 1941 (the war with the USSR had not yet begun) Hitler sent a German tank corps to Africa, which, under the command of Field Marshal Rommel, landed in Libya and, in collaboration with Italians, began to make his way east to the Suez Canal. The already mentioned German Field Marshal Manstein, rather from academic interest in his memoirs, considers various options for operations in the Mediterranean Sea: both hypothetical (capture of Malta and Gibraltar), and those that were successfully or unsuccessfully carried out (capture of Greece, Crete, Egypt). And he comes to the conclusion that, from the point of view of strategy, the war in the Mediterranean Sea did not give Germany anything, except for the useless expenditure of forces and means. Then why did Hitler send troops to Africa? Field Marshal Keitel, who worked directly with Hitler, was more informed than Manstein, and Keitel explained: “One of the greatest opportunities that we missed was El Alamein. (The decisive battle between the African corps of Rommel and the British at the village of El Alamein in Egypt. – Yu.M.) It took quite a bit to capture Alexandria and break through to the Suez Canal in Palestine. But just then we were not strong enough in this direction because of the location of our forces and, first of all, because of the war with Russia. ” As you can see, the Germans, fighting in Africa, tried to liberate Palestine from the British, to free for their ally – the Zionists – for the organized export of Jews from Western Europe there. And there is no other reasonable explanation for the German war in Africa.

7. Simultaneously with the German advance in Africa, the Zionists, in support of the liberation of Palestine from the British, provided direct military support to the Nazis. In early 1942, the President of the World Zionist Organization and the future first President of Israel, Weizman, presented an ultimatum to Britain demanding the creation of a Jewish republic in Palestine, and the Jews in Palestine began a guerrilla war against the British, respectively, to help the Nazis. These Jewish partisans were led by Yitzhak Shamir, the future eighth and tenth prime minister of the future of Israel. Jewish anti-British partisans killed the British in Palestine and Egypt, the war reached its climax in 1944 when they killed the British Minister Walter Guinness, Lord Moyne, and Palestinian High Commissioner McMichael was seriously injured. How to understand this?

8. Having received intelligence from occupied Kiev that the Jews of Kiev were shot in the Babi Yar, the USSR on January 6, 1942 announced to the whole world the murder of Soviet citizens, Jews by nationality. The World Zionist Organization in New York immediately called it “Bolshevik propaganda”! On April 27, 1942, the USSR again issued a note in which numerous facts of the murders of Soviet Jews were again cited, and in the statements of the Jewish Agency in the USA of July 7 and September 28, 1942 this information was called “implausible fiction.” On December 19, 1942, the Soviet government again published an official document, “Implementation by the Nazi authorities of a plan to exterminate the Jewish population of Europe,” based on an analysis of vast factual material. And international Zionist organizations in every possible way counteracted the distribution of this document and information about the genocide of Soviet Jews. How to understand this, if not the union of the Nazis and Zionists?

9. Without understanding that the Nazis and Zionists were allies, one cannot even understand what is shown in the exemplary propaganda French film, which I criticize, in this Apocalypse. In the film, the viewer carefully verifies that the Jewish ghettos organized by the Germans were a bit of a prison. But in the first series, an episode skips in which we see a warning poster at the entrance to the ghetto.

I, 31-10

Did you notice that it is not forbidden to leave the ghetto, but to enter the ghetto? Moreover, since the announcement is in German, the Germans were also forbidden to enter the Jewish ghetto. Can you imagine a prison where entry is forbidden, which is led by prisoners and in which the armed police consists of prisoners? It’s hard to imagine such a prison, but to imagine such a camp of the allied forces is quite possible, isn’t it?

10. And here is another episode from the same first series, taking place against the backdrop of frames of mockery not of Western, but of Soviet Jews.

I, 29-10

In essence, with this tirade, the filmmakers urge the whole world to kneel and repent to the Jews for the fact that the world did not send its men to death in the name of protecting the Jews. But the question arises – why did someone have to protect the Jews? Why did the author of this tirade, instead of writing a diary, himself not resist the Nazis? Why did Jewish men, at least not following the example of Jewish communists, not come out in their defense and their women and children? Is that a question? And there is only one answer to it – Jewish men did not need to defend themselves against their ally – Hitler.

This will end this series and summarize it.

What should remain in the memory of a citizen of Russia? The Second World War was launched to destroy in Russia the most just state for the working people and the settlement of Russian territory by the Germans, with the transformation of the remnants of the Russians into slaves for the Germans. And during the Second World War, the Nazis and local anti-Stalinists deliberately destroyed as citizens, only Soviet citizens, including Soviet citizens of Jewish nationality. Not as Jews, but as citizens of the USSR!

Translated by ISED
Written by Yu.I. MUKHIN

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