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Partnership and collaboration with ISED

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Thanks to the exclusive Topic.Sirius V2 information and analytical system developed by our professional team, ISED offers the following services:

1. Cross-analysis of environmental factors.

2. Forecast of strategic directions of business (company) development.

3. Information support of projects (digests by topic, by area (monitoring the situation in the markets), etc.).

4. Evaluation of the efficiency and resource intensity of projects.

5. Identification and assessment of external factors of influence.

6. Alternative assessment of partners and competitors.

7. Definition and correction of the model and management style. Identifying weaknesses in the governance structure.

8. Professional recruiting support. HR audit. Assessment of personnel.

9. Recommendations for building a system of motivation for partners.

10. Risk assessment in collaboration with partners. Recommendations for their compensation.

We invite like-minded people and investors to cooperate to create a MANAGEMENT SIMULATOR capable of analyzing the external environment in an automatic mode, and, taking into account the internal characteristics of the company, make forecasts for development and propose ways to solve management problems. One of the main tasks of building an AI-based Management Simulator is to minimize the influence of the human factor in making management decisions.

Performed by: ISED

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