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Currently we own patented technologies of manufacturing heavy-duty silicon plates, which have no analogues in the world.
We have developed technology for heavy-duty plates (F 25-50 mm) which allows you to implement highly profitable drilling in hard rock and metal cutting with a hardness greater than 40 HRC.
New unique hydro-pressor unit “Pressure multiplier” can create a static pressure of 60-80 kbar (thousand Atm).

For decades, the search has been conducted, as a synthesis of diamonds large fractions, and replacement of cutting inserts made of sintered carbide metal-ceramic. Natural diamonds can withstand a static load of 1.71 mbar and a synthetic diamond – about 1 mbar. And in the cutting properties of natural diamond cutter 150-200 times greater than tungsten carbide (WC). “Pressure multiplier” at a static pressure up to 60 kbar and force up to 5,000 tons-force, provides an opportunity to increase the density of the insert of silicon nitride to 95-96%, repeatedly increasing cutting opportunities and increasing market price.
If bake powder of cubic boron nitride under a static pressure of 70-80 kbar, it turns the cutting insert, the strength of which is higher than natural diamond. Furthermore the plate can withstand shock loads in hundreds times more, without losing cutting properties. This cutting insert (F 25-50 mm) is operable at temperatures up to 1500 C, and its resistance repeatedly surpass resistance natural diamond which is transformed to graphite in the atmosphere at 600o C (80% of natural diamonds are used in the industry).

Drilling deep wells.
As the world there is a need of deep drilling (oil, gas, water), the particular value are drill bits, especially metallic small diamonds, as well as to the staking large natural diamonds. For example, the International corporation “De Beers” was producing crowns worth about $ 2 million, But for hard rock under shock loads they worked less than 30 minutes. For the development of a kimberlite pipe company “De Beers” has spent $ 300 million. On the drilling depth of 5-6 kilometers in the United States about $ 20 million is spent.
Therefore, for each drilling deep wells need not hundreds of drill bits for changing on solid ground is required after every 20-100 meters, and only 1-3 new drill bits made by our technologies. This greatly reduces the drilling of deep wells.

We are looking for investors to finance the project, namely for the manufacture of two hydro-pressor units:

  1. “Pressure multiplier” for the solid phase of the total force of 5000 ton-forces, the weight of about 30 tons, height of 5 meters produced by the static pressure of 60 kbar in the chamber F 30 mm, which will be synthesized:
    – Diamonds major factions, each year about 0.6-0.8 tons, or 3.4 million carats, or only
    – Heavy-duty cutting plates:
    a) silicon nitride F 30 mm, or
    b) cubic boron nitride (CBN) F 25 mm.
    Every year is supposed to synthesize about 4,000 pieces of heavy-duty plates F 25 mm, or F 30 mm.
  2. press unit (liquid) with a diameter of the working chamber F 200 mm, which creates a fluid pressure up to 20 kbar sufficient for cold forming (steel transformed into a plastic state without forced heating) to heavy-duty caulking ceramic plates in a steel drill bit or cutter. Machine weight about 10 tons, height up to 4 meters, the floor space of 20 m2. The estimated duty cycle of 15-20 minutes.

Estimated project cost – $ 25-30 million. Term of manufacturing equipment and the start of the project – 1-1.5 years.


  • If only to synthesize diamonds larger factions, during the year we get 0.6-0.8 tons, or 3.4 million carats. When the value of each carat is $ 6, we get $ 18-24 million for the year.
  • If only to synthesize the heavy-duty cutting plates in the amount of 4,000 units per year, after the caulking in the drill bits or cutters on the market value of each is 0.1-1 million dollars, for the year received $ 20 million.

The real return on the project 1-1,5 years.
Lifetime – 8 years, with the replacement parts in the equipment components.

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