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In order to fulfill their own tasks of the Institute, as well as the creation and implementation of new joint scientific innovation projects for participation in international programs such as Horizon 2020, etc., we are looking for like-minded international partners and organizations.

We have developed a unique information-analytical system Tahir capable to process huge amounts of information. It can be adapted by our experts to solve problems of any complexity.

From our potential partners it is required to provide professionals and experts in the necessary areas of research, as well as assistance in the preparation of the database of the research object. For example, it can be any data of social and economic nature; the number and nature of diseases; air, water and soil pollution; state of the environment, both at the regional and the state levels.

Information about system “TAIR”:

Purpose :

  1. Obtaining information about the properties of the object through the organization and processing of the results of observations of it.
  2. Assessment of the reliability of data.
  3. Analysis of the information received in order to identify factors that affect the object influences the formation of the control and prediction of the consequences of their use.

Automated data processing. Multilevel data conversion hierarchical models of complex compound of monitoring facilities. Providing of information process of decision-making in certain subject areas based on the results of multi-level conversion data. The implementation of information technology multilevel monitoring.


Methods of inductive modeling. Neural networks, genetic algorithms and hybrid. Technology multilevel modeling. Synthesis models of objects of monitoring the appropriate level and the hierarchical combination. Control of the adequacy of working models. Process control data conversion by ensuring the adequacy and effectiveness of individual models to combine them.


  • forecasting;
  • consolidation of information from various sources;
  • identification of functional relationships; pattern recognition;
  • data mining.

Operation. On the basis of information-analytical system “TAІR” it is possible to develop and implement:

  1. The technology of multi-level socio-environmental monitoring. The dependence of the propensity to diseases of the population a particular region of the state of the environment – the combined effect of the concentration of harmful substances in the air, water, food, on the performance of man-made radiation (radioactive, electromagnetic, etc.). Taking into account the processes of formation of diseases of the population in terms of different types of heterogeneous industrial and characteristics of individual territories. It is predicted changes in indicators of disease in populations in crisis situations – manmade disasters, terrorist attacks and other emergencies. Calculated effective action to reduce the concentration of harmful substances and man-made radiation.
  2. The analyzer of trace heavy metals in the water next generation “Neptune-2.” Reducing measurement errors by over 60% compared with existing methods, it has been achieved through the use of new technology the modeling measurement objects.
  3. Technology disease monitoring and prediction of heart attack deaths.
  4. The technology of automated identify problem areas mamogram.
  5. Technology Monitoring fire safety administrative territory. Monitoring information systems of individual territories hierarchically combined to form a monitoring system of the country. Obtain information about the characteristics of the state of fire safety, taking into account peculiarities of emergencies on different types of industrial, agricultural and other.
  6. Information technology monitoring text messages. Searching for information within the meaning of the term. Determination author (attribution) of the text, to determine its age, gender, education, territory of residence, health status (roll), the test subjects.
  7. Information system of economic monitoring of individual enterprises, administrative territories and countries. Determine the list of influential factors to evaluate their “contribution” to the formation of profitability and other performance object. Defined hazards and assesses their influence.
  8. Technology management activities of mobile robots.

       Perform many other tasks related to the organization of observation and processing of results.

Features of realization. Information technology-based monitoring system “TAIR” built individually for each job, the object and modalities of involving experts in a particular field. Implement a set of measures to ensure the information content of the primary objects of the inventory monitoring, Designing the information system, the creation of software and maintenance of its functioning.

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